IADL #358
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 Quadrophenia II: The Highway To heck --Treb
 5 minutes later, BD found Boopsie and Marc Singer "rehearsing" in their bedroom. --orrin bloquy
 Though the drive home that lay ahead was long, Bill comforted himself with thoughts of reorganizing his Q-Tip collection. --Dr. KNob
 The back of his shirt says: If you can read this, the bitch fell off. --Mr. ?
 Maybe now they'll believe I am the walrus. --Yakko
 Now everyone take a deep breath and thank God this man has a shirt on. --RipperJak
 In retribution for IADL #350, Al will now do the forbidden dance of the seven veils. --RipperJak
 Would you, could you, on a moped? Would you, could you, with this biped? From " Dr. Seuss meets the Lords of Acid " --Doc Evil
 Although Robbie Kneivel was desperate to follow in his old man's footsteps, deep down he knew he was about as likely to jump a river as he was to skip a meal. --king mo
 get on my moped / ride off into the sunset / think up more haikus --like i would admit to it
 "Yes, officer, I'm familiar with the Nightstick Sobriety test...just use the Vaseline this time, 'kay?" --Cranky Bear
 "NOOOOOO!" thought the psychic scooter. "For the love of God, not again!" --Stickboy
 Parked in a sea of identical mo-peds, Jerry could always identify his by the "pleasure nubs" on the seat. --the skyclad answer
 As leader of Hell's Pansies, Ronnie was obligated to have the hottest moped in the gang. --Scooter Trash Oley
 Mildly anti-social Knieval --Opie
 The worst part about this picture is, the only thing not indistinct is his enormous can, forcing even the most noble of us to go for the ass joke. --Jerome
 It wasn't the moped that people were laughing at when they looked at Charlie. Well, okay, it wasn't just the moped... --snackwhore
 HELMET LAWS SUCK! --Waldo ( born to me mild)
 Ah, and argument against helmet laws. --anon
 Captain Spankme rushes to the scene of the carjacking and "assumes the position." --Smokey
 Despite what you may see in your newspaper, Zonker Harris actually hasn't aged all that well. --Shem
 "Well.. Time to pick up some chicks", Bernard thought stupidly to himself. --anon
 Bill knew that it was perverse to molest and fondle small Honda scooters, but if nobody was getting hurt.. what the hell. --anon
 If you're going to wear a muscle shirt, first get a muscle. It wouldn't be bad for this guy to wear a belt either.. --anon
 "My Harley! Oh, my God, my beautiful Harley! What have I done to you?", Pete wailed as he surveyed the damage. "Why do they have to put Slim-Fast in the same-sized cans they use for STP?!" --Def Emily Sickness
 Hey, check out this froody ship! It's like - completely black! --Riff
 "One of these days, I've got to take off the training wheels," thought Spike. --Riff
 Behold, the argument for female celibacy. --anon
 In case you were wondering why the Captain America movie went straight to video ... --Shem

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