IADL #359
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 Karen loved joining the elderly people at the duck pond. They never remembered that she pushed them all in the day before. --Lots42 (resubmitted upon request)
 Tammy Faye Bakker spent the last years of her life teaching the Gospel to anyone and anything that would listen. --RipperJak
 Millicent here demonstrates just another benefit of an all-cheese diet, as the vicious birds of prey are repelled. --anon
 Ethel watched and waited, never knowing that "Fuck a duck" was only a saying in this country. --Mighty Phallus
 Once you've fed the ducks, you can't stop... You're addicted to quack. --Deiphage
 "Okay, the black ducks are each level 4 fighters, and the white duck is a level 6 magic-user. The fighters are armed with beaks, which do 1d6 piercing. They'll get reinforcements in 3 rounds. Everyone roll for initiative." --Bucky
 Seen here: Toilet Duck, hard at work on Sally Struthers's bowl. --Caption salvaged, with an apostraphe.
 "That ones an eater", said Donald to Daisy. --Treb
 "Well, if you don't have any bread, you could at least push the fat broad in. We're hungry." --Shem
 Unable to find any suitable virgins to throw to their evil duck god, the villagers knew that the whole town was screwed. From: Quime and Pun-ishment --aK h
 Oblivious to the wings sprouting beneath her blouse, Karen's family looked on as the wereduck transformation began. --Dr. KNob
 ...with your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight. But it's the pelvic duck that really drives you insane! - The Fatty Horror Picture Show --Terminus (Salvageing in the Coffee Grounds)
 The Simpson's Patty and Selma tour the third dimension. --Nervous Tick
 Willow still doesn't have the hang of polymorphing. Sure, he's 6 feet tall, but the proportions are still the same. --Stealth
 o/` Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it... let's do it, let's integrate! o/` --From a public service message that ran a total of 3 times on southern TV stations before the funding was pulled. --snackwhore
 That white one, he looks tasty. That black one in front-- he looks tasty too. The brownish one on the right-- I could go for him as well. That stripy one... --Horselover Fat
 Go back, Edna, and be with your own kind. We swans are tired of watching your talk shows and listening to you talk about McGuyver. --Mr. ?
 Just about everyplace has a Civil War reenactment, but only Peoria has a Bay of Pigs reenactment. --lefty
 "So, Professor Jenkins, we meet again. But this time, the advantage is mine!" --Wabewalker
 Marge and the duck stared at each other, two independent minds with a common thought: "Mmmmm, dinner!" --Wabewalker
 Despite grandma's badgering, the kids were unwilling to believe that the Hokey Pokey would really teach them what it was all about, especially once the ducks began mocking them. --Jesus
 The peace of the day was shattered when Bil, high on meth, paranoid and packing some monster heat, misidentifies the assembled flock of mallards as the advance scouts of the army of the New World Order. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Jimmy tried once again to escape the gelatinous folds of Martha's stomach, but only his arm broke free. The ducks would not help him this time. --the Engine
 Duck,Duck Duck, Duck,Duck...WHALE! --Waldo
 Missy thought spending the day watching the geese with her grandmothers and kid brother would be fun, but by 4 o'clock she was gnawing her own arm off to escape. --Tom Geller
 "Duck Season!" "Fatty Season!" "Duck Season!" "Fatty Season!" --Wabewalker
 When the Klu Klux Klan went to the park, they'd only feed the white ducks. --the skyclad answer
 "1:30PM-2:30PM--Magic Frog Search: Workshop participants will search nearby ponds and wetlands for enchanted frogs to kiss. A long shot, but the rewards are well worth it for successful candidates."--Extract from the "Forty, Fat, and Single" workshop schedule, August 21-23, Spokane, Washington --Bill
 "Bet I could fit at least three of those in my mouth," Edith thought. --Shem
 As much as he wanted to, Eugene just couldn't seem to fit in with the Goth ducks. --Shem
 "Pull out, pull out!" cried Rodney, the duck platoon leader. "We could take the teenagers, but that fat butch in the blue shirt is trouble!" --Horselover Fat

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