IADL #360
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 Richard thanked God his girlfriend had a small, low-cut, white tank top and the woman at table #3 did not. --RipperJak, shamelessly plundering the yellow asterisk for yet another caption
 Although it didn't make it into the final cut, the scene where everyone in the pulp fiction diner empty their weapons into Roseanne Barr and Fran Drescher was considered by some to be a cinema masterpiece. --Mr. ?
 Where nobody wants to know your name. --Mr. ?
 I always wondered what the inside of Mister Rogers trolley looked like... --mutantdog
 Yeah, nothing says fine dining like obnoxious decor. --lefty
 The "ennui" scene from Joe Torquemada's A Streetcar Named "Not Gettin' Any." --Smokey
 We've replaced Tourette's sufferer Norene's lithium with Folger's crystals. Let's see if anyone notices during choir rehearsal. --Orrin (jeez i'm sorry) Bloquy
 Any weenis could play chess, only a true grandmaster could keep the pieces on the ceiling --Yakko (thought of it before reading the Sydney Chess Club -- honest)
 As she watched the children frolic by the duck pond, Frieda realized just how fresh the "chicken" strips were. --Wabewalker
 The last five remaining members of the Pauly Shore Appreciation Society. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Shoot, who needs LSD when you got L.A. interior decorators? --Kitsunesan
 Hester winced. Despite all the waiter's assurances that her coffee contained a delicate blend of authentic Spanish coffee beans, as well as rare Malaysian herbs and spices, she still had a bad feeling about any drink called "Latte Con Carne." --Nervous Tick
 "Fan to queen's light six... check." --Deiphage
 A rare Yoko-One spotting. They can't be rare enough. --anon
 Frontispiece from Wolfgang Puck Dies And Goes To Hell --wombat
 Welcome to the 'Ross finally snaps and dumps a bottle of drain cleaner into the coffee pot' episode of Friends. --I won't be there for you.
 After just a taste of the water, you'll see pretty much what everyone else is seeing... --St. Germain
 There will be no Booty Call this good eve. --Treb
 "This is the worst coffee Ive ever tasted" thought Thelma as she unwittingly took another sip of au jus. --lefty
 Dear God, scientists have combined the genetic material of Roseanne Barr and Carrot Top! --Mr2001
 Maxx and Julie huddled in the corner of the diner and hoped Mr. Gone wouldn't find them. --Lots42
 Nobody paid much attention as Ben doubled over in agony. It was just a typical day at the Cafe Ptomaine. --Shem

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