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 "What a gyp! The Sea of Galilee is all this shallow." --Deiphage
 It appears that not only can people fly if they get distracted, they can walk on water... --Arthur Dent
 Bobby sees his chance to score by offering his favorite Q-Tip to the women in need. --Mighty Phallus
 Sara is overcome with an odd sensation when Joey finally removes the stick she had had up her butt since birth. --Mighty Phallus
 Jen's would be attacker is distracted momentarily when he realizes that they are walking on water... --Mighty Phallus
 Which is more disturbing: A tarted-up adolescent in a denim miniskirt or the fact that her own brother's checking her out? --St. Germain
 The Lemmings were quite possibly the most depressing High School football team ever. And their cheerleaders were even worse. The Group Plunge off the cliff did intimidate the other pep squads, though. --Dante Arigheli
 Check it out... They're Wading For Godot! --Doc Evil ( Loud groan folks, loud groan... )
 We're in the middle of a Woody Allen fantasy! --Doc Evil
 Thirty years on the island had taken their toll. Gilligan took to crossdressing, Mr.Howell dabbled in voodoo while Mary Ann filled her days performing analingus on Ginger's sun-blackened corpse. --Chud_Fembot
 Nessie's prey walked on, fatally ignorant of her hunger for denim-clad chum. --Chud_Fembot
 "Short shorts, a knotted halter, the proximity of feather to crotch and buttocks, the oblique rimjob in the foreground: all are hallmarks of the Anti-School Uniform movement." from My Shutter Shudders: A Pervert's Guide to Modern Photography by Prisoner 35569 (Sickfuck Press, out-of-print) --Chud_Fembot
 Hector Ramirez - proctologist in training --Moe The Maneater
 Everyone was amazed at how popular Jennifer was with the ducks. Little did they know that she was feeding them lice reaped from her own scalp. --Wabewalker
 Lil' Johnny takes the "Duck duck duck GOOSE!" game a bit too seriously. --AQUALUNG
 "And you can see, class, where the ducks have pecked off all the soft tissues of the face, leaving only her dumpy blue shirt and white shorts to make an initial assessment of gender." Bobby thought science class was much cooler since Ms. Scully took over. --orrin bloquy
 From the director of "Lolita," "Madeleine II: Forbidden Dreams." --orrin bloquy
 OK thats what happens when you can't count. Now the rest of you sing. "87 bottles of beer on the wall, 87 bottles of beer.......". --Treb
 This was a test of the Freudian Caption Warning System. Had this been a real emergency, you would be hunted down if you typed in anything related to pedophilia. --RipperJak
 Jim Henson's Baywatch Babies --ow, look dammit, I'm sorry already! --orrin bloquy (rhymes with "low-key")
 Josiah had his sharpened bone, and Sarah reached for the knife hidden in her hat. The teacher would be the lastest sacrifice for He-who-walks-behind-the-ducks, and soon all the adults would join her... - A scene from Children of the Corn IV: The Algae --Leth
 From Jim Henson's Secret Service Babies --Crack Baby
 Walter was rapt in ecstatic anticipation as his dream lover stripped until she began unzipping her head... --Cranky Bear
 As he watched the dalies, Ted had to wonder why he thought 'Amish Babes in Heat' would be a good porno... --Matt Rossi
 I bet all three people in this picture are wondering "Does this outfit make me look fat?" --RipperJak
 The sad thing is that this is a Levi's Loose Fitting Jeans commercial --RipperJak

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