IADL #362
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 Emily could hardly wait for the beer swilling contest to begin, but the judges were still debating the legality of the funnel --i finally figured it out...only stupid captions get in
 "Er, dear... that's not where the funnel goes." --anon
 Mormons! And they're breeding! --Lobi Wan
 "Nice to meet you. And this is the ball and chain that shackles me to a joyless life of tedium and grinding despair. Say hi, honey." --Shem
 Scene from the lesser-known, less hip Studio 53: The Wet Sweatshirt Contest. --Bore
 Hello. I'm a fat glasses wearing loser who doesn't know how to dress right and likes to pick up strange women. Wanna have sex with me tonight? --IFaSTBaLLI
 This is one of those swingers' parties you don't read about on alt.sex.stories... --St. Germain
 "See? Squeeze her arm and the face lights up. Ain't that cool?" --St. Germain
 Big Jeff congratulates Cheryl for coming in second in the speed goatee growing championship. --snackwhore
 Another day. Another leaky dike. Hans Christian Anderson hated having to join to carnival in order to pay off those gambling debts. --kyosuke
 Saddam Hussein relaxing at Lilith Fair. --This - is CNN.
 Uh oh...bad touch! --Rabbi Busta Rhymes
 Hopefully this will be the last time the local Dr. Who fan club has a beer funneling party. --Thick-E
 The new form of birth control in Latin American Countries --Pelle
 If they mated. The next picture is of Jabba the Hutt. --Mr. ?
 Pimping in Deluth bears little resemblance to similar activities in larger cities. --lefty
 Might be funny to you pal, but sneaking into the X-Files convention's going to get your ass arrested. --Crack Baby
 Tragedy struck the wedding rehersal when the minister discovered a little known ordinance prohibiting two people this homely from marrying each other without proof of permanent sterilization. --lefty
 And you see, class, that the Naked Mole Geek only comes out at night, pasty from lack of exposure to sunlight but extremely adept at roleplaying, Tomb Raider and something he calls 'captioning.' Next. --Orrin Bloquy
 From 1981: James "Scotty" Doohan greets young Star Trek fans in front of the Van Nuys Denny's... --Tillman
 Come along, Mr. Meyers. You know better than the rest that you can't keep coming back to SNL as one of "the successful ones". --Crack Baby
 After their ill-fated homage to Stonehenge, Spinal Tap invoked Botticelli's Birth Of Venus with equally disastrous results. --Chud_Fembot
 o/^ "Heeeere she is....Missss Al-bania...." o/^ --mutantdog
 At the "Superheroes That Didn't Make the Cut" Party : Tech-Support Man and Funnel-Lord reminisce about the "good ol' days" --AQUALUNG
 [11] - Earth: Final Conflict- The Companions try yet again at genetically engineering a Human-Teilon, but they forget to factor in the 'Wuss Contingent'. (60min) --snackwhore
 "Yes! I have heard the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! And he was tasty" --Mr. ?
 Ernie's plan to pick up chicks at the abortion clinic protest wasn't quite working out. --AQUALUNG
 "Jane will now demonstrate the E-Z Colostomy Vent." "Thanks, Bob. As you can see, the E-Z comes with a wide connector..." -- Scene from It's a Dysfunctional Shopping Channel --Wabewalker
 Okay, look, can we just get some sort of consensus on the gender of the person in black? Or is that the whole point behind this picture? Anyone? --Bucky
 "This is not my beautiful wife! This is not my beautiful house! Oh, I messed up bad!" --RipperJak
 The guy on the left's sweatshirt says "I'm not gay but the translucent sexually ambiguous mutant next to me just possibly might be." --Opie
 "Never agree to meet someone in person until you have employed a private investigator." from the PSA " Do's and Don'ts of Internet Dating" --lefty
 The most frightening thing about this photo is that although it appears so, the photographer didn't use a flash! --Opie
 It's called long-distance projectile artifical insemination. The benefit? It keeps the human alive in regions where the inhabitants are so abysmally hideous that there is little chance of the procreating traditionally. --ChoppingBlock
 One of these people is not like the others... Who am I kidding, none of these people even resemble any members of the human race. --Mr. ?
 Reminds me of my school. 55% Guys, 40% Girls, 5% Other. --Mr. ?
 After holding her elbow for three hours, Ted had to admit- saving a few bucks by ordering his daughter's prostesis on the internet was a bad idea. --lefty

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