IADL #363
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 The partygoers froze in horror. They could now see the person in the striped shirt from the front, and still couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman! --Riff
 Here we see two members trying to see which of them can spout the most code from memory in an attempt to establish themselves as the Alpha Geek. --Mr. ?
 Next time your ass is pasted all over the internet, go with the vertical stripes. --Mr. ?
 He's about to karaoke "Margaritaville." I can feel it. --Skywise
 Keanu, this is not the way to re-establish your career, dude. But hey, you bought the keg, so you won't hear me bitchin'... --Cranky Bear
 If you're gonna be a geek, be a geek. --Rabbi Busta Rhymes
 Ted was thrilled that his friends had given him a surprise party... until he realized they were all dorks without girlfriends, just like him. The next day he joined the marines. --lefty
 My God man! Get off the internet and get some sun! Your arms are blinding me! --Fresh Prince of Darkness
 At first they were horrified that the stripper agency had accidentally sent a male stripper to their bachelor party... but when he began, they all felt a lot better about themselves. --snackwhore
 Leave it to a redneck to put drywall panels on a beautiful hardwood ceiling. --snackwhore
 "Thanks guys! This is the best bachelor party ever! You guys even got my mom released from rehab for it!" --snackwhore
 Noticing the rip in the fabric of space-time, but still way too loaded from that keg party with Abraham and Jesus to really give a flying shit, God just patches it up with a roll of masking tape. --Jamey 'Not pround of this one' Powell
 The computer club was volunteered to set up for the dance. The beautiful people would be covered in pigs' blood by the end of the night. --Field Marshall Stack
 All the fratboys laughed at Kevin. Despite the fact the party invites specifically stated 'B.Y.O.S.,' Kevin had obviously forgotten to bring a sheep. --agm
 Frank joins a monestary only to find that life as a monk really revolves around the word 'celebrate,' not 'celibate.' --agm
 Guertie's new haircut was so off-putting none of the guests even noticed the giant airborn smurf tampon travelling about the party. --ChoppingBlock
 Maybe it was the incredible gameplay or the playability factor, but whatever contributed to it's success, Die Dork Die became one of the most popular games of all time. --Mr. ?
 Ned accidentally crashes a "Come as Your Favorite 'King of the Hill' Character" party, but is soon laughed out by "Dale" and "Boomhauer." --Orrin Bloquy
 Horizontal stripes don't make you look fat. Being fat makes you look fat. --agm
 For those of you who always wondered what kind of stripper one would hire for the bachelor party before a gay wedding of a couple of Dungeons and Dragons fans.... --Opie
 Ha ha ha! WIMP! Hear that, Dr. Banner? You're a WEAKLING! Ha ha! Oh, what are ya going to do? Go berserk? Is that why you're turning green ya big baby? --Crack Baby
 This was like one of my nightmares, except I was dressed in bellbottoms and lip-synching to George Michael. --RipperJak

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