IADL #365
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 This is your brain hopped up on codeine cough syrup and Chiclets with a shaving mirror. Any questions ? --Bleech_
 A clear demonstration of why Lego Snap-on Wigs were the worst product disaster since New Coke. --Shem
 It's always sad when your first french kiss involves a mirror -- mutantdog
 Poster-boy for contraception. -- mutantdog
 After the fourth lawsuit, Sean Penn stopped punching photographers and settled for licking their lenses instead. --Shem
 As Winston sat in the seedy cafe in the Prole district and stared at the vid-screen, he realized how much he loved 'Big Brother'...as well as what a pain-in-the-ass 'Little Brother' was --Mike Hunt
 Taste judo death, drooling simpleton! --Thomas Wilde (contain this)
 Peeg-a-bthooo! --Stealth
 In this recently discovered photo, Bill Gates practices an important technique for his wedding night. --JWJr (as if that's what she married him for...)
 Contain my revulsion? I'm trying to contain my lunch! --Riff
 What a frozen flagpole in a schoolyard sees..... --Leth
 Y'know, I guess I won't renew my subscription to JenniCam after all. --Bucky
 That Seventies Dork, only on FOX! --Doc Evil
 McCartney hams it up in front of the mirror in the group's hotel. Little did he know it was a hidden camera, and that the image would resurface thirty years later to be made fun of by geeks who weren't even born when the Beatles were walking down Penny Lane. --Ratman
 I am the great and powerful schmuck! --Rabbi Sailor Moon
 Ryan's advancing hairline and diet of garden slugs pretty much put the kibosh on his chances of gettin' any. --snackwhore, salvager of her own captions
 Ad LIB!! I told you to get in front of the camera and AD LIB --Terminus
 It's 10 o'clock. Do you know what site your children's pictures are on? --Mr. ?
 I lub you lomb time, mis'pah, thuppy dolla. --Orrin Bloquy
 The primary DRAWBACK to digital cameras in chat rooms..... --Leth
 Much like a Play-Doh fun factory toy, Derrick's hair and tongue would flow out when his stomach was pressed... --Leth
 Of course, I would have had a nice group photo of the Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch, and the Roswell aliens if it wasn't for Bruce. --NME--
 The 19/female/nubile/buxom/blonde you've been hot-chatting with for the last hour and a half. -- mutantdog
 Jake's hairstyle was so bad his tongue mercifully swelled up and strangled him. --Wabewalker
 I'm crushing my tongue! Crush! Crush! --Doc Evil
 Bill Gates decides bleeding you dry in the outside world just isn't enough and starts crashing through people's computer screens and sucking out their blood. --Pete
 After viewing his son's self-portrait, Ted beathed a sigh of relief. Clearly he would not have to shell out big bucks for a major private university education. --lefty
 Hey guys, want to guess how much raw chicken I can cram in my mouth? --Stickboy
 Behold and beware the Son of Michael Nesmith! --Crack "The Monkee" Baby

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