IADL #366
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 "Yeah, you, Kimo-sloppy. Hand me the ketchup." --hippie
 Damn liar, Aunt Thelma brooded. Rat bastard said there'd be bingo. --Crack Baby
 Marge once again stared in wonder at the alien's ability to clone everybody around her and replace them with robot clones, all in the twinkling of an eye. --anon
 Sadly, when Mae raised her gargantuan arm, four people died in the resulting shockwave. --Cabbage Man
 Wilford Brimley's lesser-known brother, Buford, had a short and unsuccessful stint endorsing Quaker Grits --Bleech
 Looks like Uncle Fred's learned not to put liquid oxygen on the briqettes... --Doc Evil
 After the sixth time, Edna decided to show the little biddy where the beef was. --Ratman
 Jesus hates fat people, Billy Bob. --Marco Principio
 "Hahaha... nah ladies, I was'nt talkin' about that kinda sandwich!" --The Dank
 Florence and Jolene hated for anything to get between them. That's why Fred was found 15 minutes later drowning in a pot of baked beans. --Stealth
 When Promise Keepers don't get any for a while. --Stealth
 From the new comedy The Man With Two Heads, One of Which is Adam Sandler. --Riff
 Edna stared in envy at Bernice's forearm flab. As much as she ate, her arms still stayed skinny... --Leth
 Edna insisted on spooning up the pool of bacon grease and eating every last drop. Claims it's the best colonic she's ever had! --Vidi Scabb
 Sylvia stared venomously at Mabel. "That fat bully has stolen my Ensure for the last time!" Sylvia had been hoarding her laxative medicine for months. --snackwhore
 Next up on the IADL Mythologies series, a visit with the Three Fates of Greek folklore. Here, Lachesis enjoys some meatloaf while Atropos looks on. --Thomas Wilde
 "It keeps the yellow side yellow, and the green side green. That's innovation!" --Wabewalker
 In my day, we didn't have no IADL. If we wanted to make fun at a picture we'd submit our caption to FDR and he and Henry Ford would fly around in zepplins and juggle silver dollars and war bonds while dancing the charlson with Mae West after eating our victory lettuce..... --Mr. ?
 "You should only have to take a slight glimpse of my delicate flower's cleavage and I shall be forced to kill you." --Opie
 everyone in cell block D would patiently wait at chow time for big darla to eat her fill. only her "bitch" ellie was permitted to watch her eat, everyone else turning away out of an overpowering sense of respect and fear --anon
 HOw the great debates raged! Less filling! Tastes great! Kraft Macaroni and cheese! Kraft Cheese and macaroni! Foon! Spork! --anon
 In his twilight years, The Fonz was decidedly less hip --Bleech_
 Ethyl sadly looked on as Mertle, the bully of shady acres, chowed down on her lunch. Someday, she would have revenge, someday, Mertle wouldn't bully her. Someday, they would find Mertle in the Nevada desert, in pieces. Oh yes, sweet revenge was soon to be had. --AQUALUNG
 This could be the beginning of the world's most frightening Adult Movie. --AQUALUNG
 As a young lad, Joey Donner learned the importance of fattening-up fellow travellers before taking them on long hikes. --kyosuke
 Okay, the one who finishes first is my favorite grandma... --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Hoping to glean some scraps or a bit of gristle, the Omega Elder looks on as the Alpha Elder finishes her gumbo. --NATE
 This is what we call: "slummin' and gummin." --NATE
 Jack could hardly contain his excitement when he saw Dr. Kevorkian coming up the driveway. --NATE
 Of course, in those days Laverne and I couldn't let on, but we "made it after all," if you get my drift. Now you tell your uncle Squiggy to bring me another fucking Shotz, toot-sweet. --Carmine DeFazio

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