IADL #367
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 When you start to color-coordinate with your favorite store, it's time to worry... --Doc Evil
 Less popular than his movie, 'The Birds', were Hitchkock's sequels: 'The Bees', 'The Flowers', and 'The Trees'. --Mr. ?
 The producers knew it was over when the latest episode of 'The Outer Limits' featured a woman stuck in an arts and crafts store since the seventies. --Lots42@aol.com
 you know, this is actually a good picture. good composition, good colors, good contrast. very nicely done. I'm gonna skip this one. --anon
 Martha Stewart goes slumming. --Waldo
 Mary stared at the wreath. This was certainly not the box of Cheerios she'd been holding moments earlier, and this was definitely no longer the cereal aisle. --agm
 'Hmmm... I could buy the Vermont Farms Fertilizer, exquisitely collected from sturdy Palominos fed a strict diet of oats and barley, by delicate hands of professionals, for $300. Or I could go to Wal-Mart, and buy a 'Bucket of Shit' for $9.95.' --agm
 then leslie turned around and saw the scale floral reproduction of the st. louis gateway arch in aisle five and she just knew she found the perfect gift! --cip
 "And what is this? Miss Martha must be designing a dastardly decoupage for Batman and the Boy Wonder! What is this mastermind of crime and crafts be planning for Thanksgiving in Gotham City? Stay tuned to find out!" --BeroccaBoy
 $14.50 for pink angel's hair. FUCK ME! --ChoppingBlock
 Quiet desperation in aisle five... quiet desperation... --Thomas Wilde
 Ah, the handicrafts supply aisle... otherwise known as 'Christmas Gift Hell." --Kitsunesan
 Every year Teresa had the same hard choice -- Christmas gifts or vitamins for the rickets? --phil
 "Attention shoppers: The person driving the blue Dodge minivan with the license plate 'C-U-M-B-R-P-R', your lights are on. Repeat...the person driving the..." --The Dank
 Ironically, Molly was ready to spend $20 for a basket that a Peruvian street vendor couldn't unload for 3 cents. --lefty
 Nope, they don't have one here, either. I've got the Santa hat, but where the fuck am I going to get a red and white dominatrix outfit? --Crack "misspelling the one" Baby

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