IADL #368
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 Hey, you're right! This is much more fun than painting with our fingers! --Pastor of Muppets
 This man is thinking: A) It's a lovely day at the park here with my girlfriend B) I'm happy that my kids are having a good time or C) I'm on a date... Yessss! --Crack Baby
 Thoroughly sick of the whole thing, Nancy tries to fart her way through to China. --Stickboy
 "And now it's time for another exciting round of Guess Where My Right Hand Is!" --Raven
  If you're happy and you know it touch your toes! --Rollerchick
 Wait a minute... isn't that the blanket covering the pit filled with sharpened stakes? What the fuck is going on here? --Thomas Wilde
 June 13, 1997: Erma and Mick getting into the spirit of yet another Texas public execution. --Tempus Fugit, the Time Flier
 Timmy aimed carefully. This balloon filled with wood finish could not be wasted on a bad shot... --Valvoline
 Looking the other way, Frank did not notice as Ellen attempted to hide herself by folding herself into her own vagina. --Cranky Bear
 "I am a doctor of podiatry in Mexico." --M
 George showed no discomfort as the sprinkler head probed its way further into his rectum, while Shelley still needed to learn to relax her muscles. --Cranky Bear
 While Ignacio looked forward to the free concerts in the park with all his might, Helen didn't even put in her teeth for the occasion... --Tillman
 Rick had it all; a great job, a comfortable location *and* a wife who thought Shemp was the best Stooge, too. --Orrin Bloquy
 Nick thought they had the coolest mosh-pit seats at the Raffi concert. Millie planned to bitch-slap him into next Thursday. --anon
 Beakman and Jax demonstrate why feminine itch and athlete's foot medications have the same active ingredient. --anon
 Chucky smiled his evil, plastic smile. Time to waste some hippies. --Pete
 Jose was so proud of his wife's ability to balance potholders on her head. --Leth
 Upon noticing the red asterisk above his date's head, Rasheed knew that landing her was not an honor. --TBone's House O' Salvaged Captions!! (trying to beat everyone else to it)
 Tired of being annoyed by nose drop snorting, pocket protecter wearing, IADF caption submitting dorks? Just spread a little Nerd Paper (tm) around your party and all your worries are over. --Mr. ?

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