IADL #369
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 In her declining years, Nurse Ratchett got far too liberal handing out the day passes. --Stickboy
 Lord...this has to be the worst advertisement for Depends I've ever seen. --Florimel
 In later years, Dr. Ruth was reduced to ambushing hapless window shoppers to spew her sexual advice. --Florimel
 The discount store glowed with an unearthly aura ... but as soon as they reached it - Zzzzap! - it was all over. --Riff
 Despite a generation of cartographers asking her not to move, Chyna and her enormous ass went out to eat. --Thomas Wilde
 Shit Filled Beanie Babies did not attract the lines their predecessors did --The Dank
 Bookstores no longer need extra security for Richard Simmons' book signings. --lefty
 Caught on tape: You are about to witness a Kedsnatching. --Ken
 Man, I just got back from Vegas, and I swear to God that woman on the left looks like the one who whooped my ass for using her slot machine. --AQUALUNG
 Ethyl! Its Charles Nelson Reilly in there! I'm gonna faint... --Doc Evil
 Oh fer crissakes, Mertyl... The fucking boat SANK! Get over it awreddy! --Doc Evil
 "Must...not....steal....cane" --Mitch
 These two will be added to the end of the Chart of Evolution if the militant feminists get their way. --Elbow
 Though her colostomy bag had emptied down her pant leg three blocks ago, Edna limped on gamely, keenly aware that a savage caning awaited her if she lagged too far behind. -- mutantdog
 Moments later, Chow Yun-Fat shot them full of holes in this scene from The Really, Really Old Replacement Killers. --Pete
 The Bulgarian re-make of Thelma & Luise bore little resemblance to the original. --lefty
 Due to a 10-year malfunction at AC Nielsen, CBS' ratings have been entirely keyed off these two women, thus explaining "Touched by an Angel," "Cosby," "Dr. Quinn" and many more. --Orrin Bloquy
 Murder She Wrote, CBS 8:00PM: In the season finale, Angela Lansbury confronts the last surviving inhabitant of her quiet Maine town. --Mr. ?
 It was the bingo hall they all they dreamed of : nude card seller boys, buckets of free antacids, and extra-extra-wide chairs with cane racks. --Twisted Mentat
 At the last second, Edna remembered she forgot her spray cans. Tagging "AnarchGranny" on Walmart would have to wait for another day. --Twisted Mentat
 "Hurry, Esther, or all of the Wilford Brimley pornos will be gone!" --Captain Amnesia
 Find everything you WILL need at Super Shiggoth Mart. Coming to a suburb near you. --Mr. ?
 Bingo-Night of the Living Dead... --ak h (inkle?)

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