IADL #370
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 Jim still can't figure out why someone would use frames on a web site. --kyosuke
 I've been fr... oh, nevermind. --kyosuke
 Damn you! Don't you know it's dangerous to fondle wood in the D-zone? --Riff
 Lou learns that to find a frame style that goes equally well with a 'Nagel' as well as a print of dogs playing cards is a real bitch! --Wench23
 Looks like Spinn got to beta-test the new EffemiCam. --Wabewalker
 "No, my Bil Keane print collection will take frames with much more panache than these!" --anon
 Finally, after 20 years of trying to hold up that Farah Fawcett poster with one hand, Ted decided to have it framed. --lefty
 I'm not sure whether I should use these or not. They'd help navigation, but would the extra download time be worth it? --Werehamster
 Kevin composes himself before attempting to ask for 'Spackle' without giggling. --NATE
 His days as a successful commercial model long behind him, Chad would often wander through K-Marts, looking through wallets and picture frames for that handsome young man he once knew, so full of hopes and dreams... --Rotter
 Scott Hamilton, here seen lingering a little too long over a Tara Lipinski poster. --Orrin Bloquy
 The Bocaccio 'Madonna and Child' print represented exactly the Renaissance spirit his Northside penthouse needed to complete the feng shui Steven'd cultivated so carefully over the years. Plus, her hooters gave him a woody. --anon
 FrameWorx of Tulsa makes the big time when they hit on the idea of putting supermodel posters in frames with built-in beer openers. --Orrin bloquy
 The Anne Geddes babies-in-leather-drag print sold surprisingly well, but only in certain markets. --orrin bloquy
 All Roy could remember was flipping through the framed prints until the Janet Reno in a two-piece bikini, then everything went black forever. --anon
 Mitch settles on the butchest print of kittens playing with yarn he can find. --anon
 Arthur didn't remember the Virgin Mary with a nose ring, but the celtic knot tattoo on the Baby Jesus was definitely cool. --anon
 I don't know art, but I know a good caption when I see one. --Mr. ?
 I bet if this guy bends over to get a poster, we're going to see a recreation of Monet's lesser known impressionist painting, The Crack. --Crack Baby
 It sucks being Captain America, trying to hide your identity. But the shield is too damn neat to give up. --JimmyAwesome
 Late that night, David will dream about his new poster girl, Rouge of the X-Men. --Mr. ?
 Ralph thought the rockin' portrait of Sid Vicious would look swell in his mom's bedroom. --Twisted Mentat
 Frame Boy, sidekick to Miss Martha(the color-coordinated arch villain of Batman), is having trouble choosing between either the French Provincial or the Classic Pine for his Portrait Of Doom deathtrap. --Captain Amnesia

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