IADL #371
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 Mary Ann and Ginger decided to swim for it. No way would the men screw things up this time. --Ken
 o/` One of these chicks is not like the other, one of these chicks is really a man .. o/` --Riff
 Well, it's Monday morning, the fleet has gone back to sea, so Vera and Sue look for their purses, undergarments and other personal effects along the coastline... --Tillman
 "The guy on the radio said there was gonna be, like, tsunamis. I think that means it's, like, gonna be sunny all day." --Riff
 Dorf's sisters pay him a visit on the set of his latest fishing video. --kyosuke
 With the Loch Ness monster breaching just off-camera, Spinn is faced with a difficult choice....but hey, how often will two good-looking women let him get this close? -- mutantdog
 The Lady of the Lake had two lesser-known sisters, the Bitch of the Boulder and the Slut of the Shoreline --Bleech_
 After Wendy fell in it was impossible to get that smell off of the fish. --Opie
 Femilemmings. --The Sandman
 St. Petersburgh, FL:today we witnessed one of the greatest wonders of wildlife - when the great, bloated females of the trailer park move along the coastline digging nests and hiding their illegitimate progeny for safe keeping. - From The Journals of Jaques Cousteau --SlappyJack
 Sonya Blade and Tanya go for a stroll between takes of Mortal Kombat III: The Apology. --Doc Evil
 Why club baby seals when there is a better alternative, dumb blondes! --Mr. ?
 Clan of the Cave Cindi --Mr. ?
 The REAL RoboCop vs. Terminator . . . Sarah Connor and Ann Lewis comparing notes on their robotic partners' "vital statistics". --Captain Amnesia
 And we're going to get a farm with bunny rabbits an' everything, right Georgina? --Of Mice and WOMen
 "I don't know, Claire... Last time we came down to the ocean, that little Dutch kid kept poking me..." --Field Marshall Stack
 Some people come here to search their souls, but Meg and Buffy are just looking for shiny objects. --lefty
 Two Womyn Enjoying Theyr Day at the Oceyn --Valvoline
 Thrill seeking teens on the Jersey Shore participate in a deadly game of 'Walking barefoot on the beach" for kicks. --The Dank
 Ernest and Julio decied it would be an excellent marketing strategy to position their new Cabernet as a weapon. Early cuts of the new TV spots showed great promise. --Ashhole
 Every Sunday, Beth and Patti would scavenge medical waste from the shoreline to make wreathes for craftsales. --Twisted Mentat
 We've secretly replaced their IUDs with Energizer(tm) batteries... Look at them go! --anon--anon--anon--anon--anon
 "And now, on USA Up All Night, it's heavily edited murder and mayhem on the beach in 1984's Beach Blanket Bludgeonings, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and some chick you'll never see again!" --Thomas Wilde

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