IADL #373
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 "Really? You made that vest yourself? I would have never guessed!" --Tillman
 Suddenly, the women locked eyes and realized what 'spinning Jenny' really meant. --Riff
 Don't even think about kiping my used birkenstocks, you ugly tramp... --SlapyJack
 The "Kill Your Step-Daughter with a Spinning Wheel" was a big draw at the evil step-mothers convention. --Yakko
 Jen checked her work. Another half hour on the wheel and she'd have knitted herself a new bitch. --Lots42
 *ding!* Sex appeal! --Thomas Wilde
 Holding her severed finger to the bloodied stump, Ethel turned to the woman keeping her intestines from tumbling out of her sucking gut wound. "My, my," she mused, "this is a lovely waiting room." --Brettt Maverick
 Hello fans! Please let us know what you think of our next album cover. Love, The Indigo Girls. --Mr. Aswipé
 Hell no. That's woman's work! --Jesse "the Rabbi" Ventura
 Personally, I prefer ribbed, but hey pleasure dots are cool, if you go for that sort of thing --lefty
 Hey, Katie, what you rip, so shall you sew...HA-HA, get it...sew...rip......ahh fuck you, my wheel is bigger! --R.J.M.
 Ally Mcbeal's good, but it just doesn't have the raw passion of WCW Monday Nitro. --Crack Baby
 The crying, the whining, the screaming at night. For all I care that miserable imp can keep my first born child. --ChAoS
 "Briefs. You?" --RipperJak
 "And my invention is a... Oh, damn you!" --Deiphage
 As Hilda locked eyes with Joan, she realized that the blond cow had a voodoo doll and was not afraid to use it. --Twisted Mentat
 Hannah and Jackie demonstrated various obscene gestures from French Guyana in an attempt to relieve tension. --Twisted Mentat
 Zelda was still at a loss on how Irma had managed to knit a plastic Dillard's bag. --RipperJak
 "...so I stepped down as COO of BellSouth International and moved back to the States to raise a couple kids and live 'the simple life.' And hey, if I get restless, I always have a little capital on hand to start a new venture. How about you?" --crispy

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