IADL #374
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 Hilarity ensues when the brother of Jackie Chan meets the cousin of David Crosby --Bleech_
 His plan backfired when Harry accidentally hypnotized himself. --ChAoS
 Yan smugly thought to himself yeah, go ahead, take my picture, like anyones gonna pick on my purple shirt with that guy behind me --SlappyJack
 In the early 90's, virtually anyone could form a rap group. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 The Driller. 1992. Hong Kong gay porn about a hitman/male prostitute forced to service many burly men in order to pay for eye surgery for one of his victims. Two and a half stars. --Pete
 Lou didn't even notice as the other man snuck up and stealthily removed one of his kidneys. --narcoleptic
 Henry's worst fear as a Arby's manager had finally come true--one of the employees really wanted to man the shake machine, but damn it, he just wasn't ready yet! --agm
 Hahaha. I was there. Contrary to all the Jackie Chan captions coming in, this guy was actually humming Fleetwood Mac songs and discussing the merits of Tide versus All. Go figure! --Florimel
 "If he photocopies his genitals one more time..." --Cranky Bear
 "Would you like flies with that? ...Prick." --Deiphage
 "Would you like to super-size that ass-whoopin?" --Deiphage
 The Family Pop Group booth was the least popular at the trading card show, even with the Susan Dey bikini card sale. --anon
 Despite have no arms, Chan Lo was voted the Gulp 'n' Go's employee of the month. --Bill
 A little Spanish Fly in the Moo-Shi and he is SO my bitch. --DavidK
 After a night of bliss with Scotty below decks, Sulu did his best to maintain an air of professionalism...but oh, those hands, that magnificant shock of back hair and that faint, alluring smell of dilithium... --NATE
 "I can put my hand through his head in two seconds flat. Wanna see?" --Lots42
 As Yan turns his back, the disgruntled sound man "tops up" the mayonnaise. - Scene from Yan Can Cook : Too Hot For TV --happy noodle boy
 The karate instructor from UHF decided to open up a deli in Van Nuys, to the delight of Yankovic fans everywhere. --RipperJak
 Don Johnson after one too many face-lifts. --R.J.M.
 Wan-Lo was still cheesed that the Gap wouldn't sell puffy "USA" baseball caps. --Valvoline
 The sararimen follow me with their eyes; they will not speak until I look at them. The boardroom is quiet as a temple. I smile at Otousan's portrait on the wall and-- Yeah, yeah, I ring up your slacks for you. What's the big hurry? --Horselover Fat
 It was the uncomfortable silences that finally drove their love apart. --ChoppingBlock
 His brother Hung Lo was a fortune 500 CEO. His other brother Long Wang was a famous movie star. But Enormous Genitals never made it out of the fast food buisiness. --Deiphage
 Chan was never able to settle the differences with his partner. Jerry saw the big picture, while Chan viewed life in letterbox format... --Leth
 You may be a black belt, mister, but I'm a purple pullover! --Crack Baby
 Good move, Grasshopper. Chopping my arms off is the only way to protect against the Touch of Death. --Mr. ?
 No, this is the line for people with obsessive-compulsive disorders. The Chocaholics Line is over there. No, this is the line for people with obsessive-compulsive disorders. The Chocaholics Line is over there. No, this is the line for... --aK h
 I'm little teapot. Short and stout. This my handle. This, my spout. -From the quickly burned album, Yan Can Sing --Mr. ?

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