IADL #375
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 Security guards at the Different Strokes-day picnic were about to find out that solving the case of the missing Gary Coleman was in the bag... --R.J.M.
 "Mom, what's a tailhook?" --Deiphage
 "Gee, mom. Everywhere you go, there's seamen around. Get it? Owwwww!" --Deiphage
 Serena and Dotti Collins. 3-time winners of the Mother-Daughter Massengil Challenge 3-Legged Race --ChoppingBlock
 Pretty in Pink? I think not. --syberstarr
 These two have taken their obsession with Pepto Bismal too far. --Werehamster
 "Company picniiiiiiiiic, exciting and neeeeeeeeeeeew ! We're waiting for yoooooooou !" --Bleech_
 Officer Mullins closed in, a gleam in his eye; it was a clear 4-12: "Passing Your Total Lack Of Fashion Sense Onto Your Children" --Geoduck
 Now THAT'S an afro! --Rabbi Rabbi Vole
 Officer Louis was totally embarrassed-- he forgot to wear pink! --Valvoline
 You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of evil fashion sense, but of can-can dancing security guards... --happy noodle boy
 Jerry the Security Guard took his job very seriously. He'd be damned if he'd let any old people out of the corral for the rest of the reception. --Crack Baby
 "Don't ask, don't tell" was all very fine in the Navy nowadays, but Captain Evans didn't even want to think about why Barry and Steve were out of uniform. --Twisted Mentat
 After his wife and daughter had humiliated him by wearing those stupid outfits in front of the crew, Captain Mike went berserk and beat them unconscious with nothing but a McDonald's Cheeseburger and a cup of Yoplait. --Twisted Mentat
 SOMEBODY forgot to trim their Chia Pet! --RipperJak
 You were right, dear. The bulletin board at the supermarket is no place to find your first gynecologist. --Ashhole
 ...and while we feel that the new 3d engine is totally rad, we're thinking that we may send the character design back to the drawing board. When we told you to think of the sexiest women you know, we had more of a Lara Croft-style in mind. --Ashhole
 E-Gad! That's the SECOND largest giant green Ding Dong I've EVER seen! --Doc Evil
 Oct. 12, 1998. Ted would go down in fashion police history for this- a five count citation: Helmet hair, white shoes after Labor Day, felony use of pink, excess handbaggage, and contributing to the homliness of a minor. --lefty
 Roy Scheider and Sigmund the Sea Monster in "Hanrahan: One Legged Lifeguard!" --Pete (It's two! Two! Two captions in one!)
 " Now dear, go wait in the car for a little while. Mommy just met one of her friends and darn! Looks like I AM working tonight." --Yogurt and Pot-boilers.

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