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 "Look Dana. If you sing "There's only one Ewe" during another ovine pelvic I'm gonna slap you blind." --Opie
 It was "prepping for surgery" AND "rectal temperature" day at vet school. --RoBear
 "Our goat's asses are hand-tested for quality..." --Bleech_
 Damn! Lost my ring! --ChoppingBlock
 Oh yeah, nothin' finer than a llama's ass. --anon-- and on and on and on...
 John's quest ended in disappointment, as your average goat can hear a zipper a mile off. --anon
 A bottle of champagne and a bale of hay awaited in the limo. Backstage, his groupies worked furiously to offer the best selection possible. Who would be Billy Ray Cyrus's lucky girl tonight? --Cranky Bear
 A one-T but adds sentence mass/A two-T butt, well, that's an ass./I put my hand behind a llama/It's Dysfunctional-Life-a-Rama. --Trainman (with apologies to Ogden Nash)
 "I should wear more wool -- see, it doesn't make its butt look too big." --Stealth
 Alanis Morrisettes's follow-up to "One Hand in my Pocket" never really caught on. --kingmo
 Beth wished that the cheap-ass administration would spring for at least a turkey baster, but no... So her cheeks were full, and the artificial insemination program HAD to go on... --Leth
 The ASPCA agreed to allow the shearing house to remain in operation only after the owners agreed to employ women exclusively. --lefty
 This gives a whole new meaning to the term, "sheepish grin." --Deiphage
 The New Jersey Governor's Easter Egg hunt was less popular than the one in front of the White House. --anon
 Friendly-Girl offers the hand of friendship. Fiendish-Girl prepares to reciprocate with the atomic stinkpalm of a lifetime. --Brettt Maverick
 Hmmmm. Thighs of steel. Buns of steel. Warm to feel. Tastes like veal. Let's make a deal... --Brettt Maverick
 The controversial, and ultimately cut, "Petting Zoo" scene from "The Miracle Worker" --Brettt Maverick
 It was chaos at the petting zoo, when the anatomy class, the proctology club, and a group of internationally renowned scatologists arrived for their annual field trip on the same day. --Brettt Maverick
 Nellie Sue considers her options at this year's Montgomery Alabama 4-H Bachelor Auction --NATE
 "My God! It's an image of the Virgin Mary! Call the Vatican!" --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 Hmmm...feels like...five, maybe six fratboys....Alpha Beta house, probably.... --agm
 DATING TIPS FOR MEN: When looking for women, watch out for "gold-diggers." --Valvoline
 Is someone wearing that Michael Jordan colone? --Mr. ?
 Brandon reveals his feelings to Kelly, while Dylan is confronted with the terrible consequences of his alcoholism during a routine calf-birthing, next week on All Creatures Great And Small 90210 --Brettt Maverick (rescuing my baby from the yellow zone)
 Here at Comedy Central, our crack team of researchers field test every Adam Sandler gag before you see it. Quality! --anon
 It's not so funny when you realize that this is how so many important decisions were made during the later years of the Reagan presidency -- mutantdog
 Inch High Private Eye? You in there? --Mr. ?
 Vet students always wondered about the dean's addition of "Equine Ass 5320." --Crack Baby
 "Shape of...a sheep!" "Form of...an Earlham CS major!" The Wonder Twins discovered this configuration would not, in fact, defeat Ultimo in his bid to destroy Metropolis. --Orrin Bloquy (out of the closet)
 "Are you sure this is supposed to be lucky?" --Deiphage
 In the tradition of Schoolhouse Rock, ABC briefly experimented with "Animal Husbandry Rock." It tanked, but damn, weren't the jingles catchy. --anon
 And I thought they felt funny...on the *outside* --Chris E.
 "Rub harder....we have five more scenes to shoot today" -- mutantdog
 Mmmm, nope. Not wild enough. --NME--

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