IADL #377
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 oh yeah baybee! take it off! WaOOOH! --bo
 So now you make fun of us, eh? No doubt some of you will write captions about our "poop." We shall tell the government of Regulus II of your fecophiliac tendencies; no doubt it will influence their technology-sharing policy. --phil
 Sure, you see them. But what you don't see are the two sneaking around behind you. Not until they've got their beaks in your stomach, and by then it's too late. --phil
 Come on girls, one more trip down the runway and we'll pick up the tips on the way back. --Burn before reading
 "What is that in front of us? Damn these side-mounted eyes!" --Trainman
 Gullzilla (1/2 star) -- Radioactive waste turns local birds into giant man-eating monsters. --Wabewalker
 It's a Dysfunctional National Geographic Explorer --ChoppingBlock
 I fed your kid worms. --Lots42@aol.com
 I guess you'd call this betweeen a Rok and a hard place? (ba da bum!) Thank you, thank you. I'll be here every Tuesday and Friday... --Mr. ?
 The alternate ending to A Bug's Life --Mr. ?
 Third season special effects from "The Land of the Lost" just plain sucked. --Nervous Tick
 Wasn't this a Pink Floyd album cover? --Tillman
 "Wait. Lemme get this straight. van Sant's redoing Psycho but *we* get Kevin Smith? Get my agent on the line, dammit!" --anon
 "Do you think he's still alive?" --The Mystery Roach
 "Look kid, I already told you. Phil shot those damn birds years ago and had 'em stuffed. The bread crumbs ain't doin' no one no good." --Ashhole
 "Bobby! Squint! Get over here and tell this pasta fazool what he can do with his F-Stop!" --zefel
 Ted Kennedy opens his eyes and prepares to face the new day... -- mutantdog
 The Homeless-Cam web site's hit count goes way up whenever the carrion feeders start to make their move -- mutantdog
 Well, IADL's gone to the birds; I'm going back to DFC. --agm
 Homeless and hungry, Gary Coleman's hunting skills finally begin paying off. --Tempus Fugit (too stupid to live)
 "Pardon me, sir, but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon? You don't? ::phpthhhhplop:: Well, now you do." --Stealth
 They're on to us! Scatter! --Mr. ?
 "Moooo... no wait. Shit! LINE!!! --Deiphage
 Spike Lee's latest documentary about Brooklyn after he takes the lifts out of his shoes. --anon
 A thinly cloaked insult: Spinn gives us the bird. --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 "All right, you fuckers, let's find some goddamn statues!" --Thomas Wilde
 The long-awaited video to Engelbert Humperdinck's smash hit, Lesbian Seagull. --NME--
 My guess is these are giant birds, and somewhere, Dr. Who is trying to escape them. --Crack Baby

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