IADL #378
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 This is what happens when your neighborhood voodoo shop gets bought out by Everything's a Dollar. --phil
 Zelda was always searching for a shampoo that wouldn't corrode her hair. --phil
 "Look at this...this display actually has a warning not to impale your forehead onto the rack hangers. As if people would actually be stupid enough to do that...ha ha! Isn't that ridiculous, honey? Honey? Honey?" --Cranky Bear
 The sale on cheap, smoke-stained late-1960's puke green drapes was a godsend. Soon thereafter, with a little magic with her Singer, they both had matching outfits. --Cranky Bear
 Once she finally noticed it, she took only moments to trick her husband into buying her the NudgeNudgeWinkWink brand Pillar O' "Neck Massagers." --Cranky Bear
 Funny. I would have thought that string of garlic would keep people like this away --Bleech_
 Eye of newt? Check. Tongue of bat? Check. --anon
 "The orange didn't work too well -- do you have any RIT dye #104 Brick Red?" --Stealth
 "Damn witchdoctors - you can never read their prescriptions." --Riff
 "Look. Honey. You can make fun of the Family Circus at home. Please put the down the calendar. The store is closing." --Lots42@aol.com
 You know what happened last time when we bought a monkey's paw. I don't care if you have a coupon. Put it down! --Lots42@aol.com
 heheh...Bozo's Mom......heheheh....... --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Bet the blinkers still on in her car. --Yakko
 Suddenly, Super Mario appeared out of nowhere, shot her a few times with magic balls, and then advanced to the next island. --Crack "I'm drunk at 2 in the afternoon" Baby
 There's only one word to describe the guy on the right. "Whipped." --Valvoline
 Had to skin the couch to get this shirt, but dammit, it was worth it! --The Mystery Roach
 Helga enjoys designing her own outfits and describes herself as a 'cute redhead'. For Helga, dial 8821. --Mr. ?
 After they came out on live TV, Burt & Ernie were reduced to working in the prop room on "Barney." --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 The ochre dyed hair, the rayon shirt, the greasy skin. No question about it. This lady's a fire hazard. --RipperJak
 I don't understand...she looked fabulous last night. -- mutantdog
 ...but I'll bet she makes a dynamite Klingon chick at the cons. --anon
 Ohmigod, joking aside. If she's in the toy section, it's conceivable that SHE'S SPAWNED. --Ashhole
 In his later years, a sad, lonely Carrot Top really just let himself go... --Taskmaster
 "Excuse me... where can I find the beer goggles?" --Deiphage
 Unable to remember just why she needed the Clarol Hair Dye kit, Sandy's thought gets to the edge of the synapse and goes "WHOA!" --Dr No
 "Noreen, there's one other thing we needed to buy, but I can't remember... oh, right. Steel wool. Big wads of rusty steel wool." --Wabewalker

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