IADL #379
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 For fear of inciting an orgy, Kentucky was forced to scrap their livestock show, and replace it with a junk heap. --R.J.M.
 "...which will release a horde of little girls in overalls to tear the remainder of your carcass to pieces, muwahahaha ! But if you'll excuse me Mister Bond, I have business to attend to..." --Bleech_
 I tell you whut, ain't nuthin' more heartwarmin' than an old fashioned garbage-pile raisin' --Cleetus
 The roadies for Hanson enjoy some time away from the group. --Crack Baby
 Moshing at the Hanson concert...they deserve to die. --Captain Amnesia
 Yeah, 4-H my ass. This is onea them internet pedophile stings. Lets get the hell outta here! --Cleetus
 And this year's float by the kids at PS 35 is called "Oklahoma City." --anon
 News Flash! Due to a tasteless redneck joke, Gallagher was clobbered with his own props and set on fire at Kentucky's State Fair last nite... the world rejoices. Film at 11. --The Dank
 I'm not exactly sure what I expected from the new Star Wars trailer, but this ain't it. --Werehamster
 No caption here, but Why do I hear the music for "Sanford and Son"??? --Terminus
 Sad, isn't it? Please, send whatever you can afford to "White Trash Hootenanny", P.O. Box... --Evil Thing
 And as a horrified silence filled the state fair, the paramedic removed the last obstruction from Richard Gere's bowels. God wept. --Matt Rossi
 As soon as the redneck children touched the monolith, they began to walk erect and use tools. --Doctor X
 There...that should disguise the wreckage... First sign that the workers at Area 51 Aren't even trying anymore. --aK h
 "There's a fun game at the State Fair, Karen. It's called 'Where'd I hide your kitten?'" "I hate you, Milkman Dan." --Werehamster
 "She's doing that stupid dance again, Mom. Get the ritalin!" --Ashhole
 Quickly, Peggy realized that only she had no braces, and was free of the magnet's pull! --Taskmaster
 The dangers of playing Dueling Banjos without proper safety measures. --Yakko
 "Dang, man, ding dang ol' pile o' garbage, man, this ain't no ding dang ol' attraction, man, let's go on that there ding dang ol' tilt a whirl, man." -- from Boomhauer's Guide to the 4H Fair --Pete
 "Resistance is futile. You will be--aw, come on! Quit laughing! You will too be assimilated! Wahhhhhhh!" --Pete
 Ok, nevermind the jailbait in blue overalls, I want to know who that little kid in the green overalls is giving the finger and why. --The Mystery Roach
 "No... It's only performance art if you take a dump on it." --Deiphage
 Fortunately, the pile of junk won the audition for Hee Haw. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 One man's junk is another man's treasure...and those two young blonde girls are worth a fortune! --R.J.M.
 I don't know much about art... but I know what I like, and this has absolutely no tits. --Deiphage
 From CNN: Shown here, the aftermath of a "Teletubbies" personal appearance at a state fair that turned into a bloodbath. Hundreds of crazed tots rushed the stage when it was announced that it was "Time for Tele Bye-Bye". While Dipsy and Lala were unscathed, Po is in critical condition and Tinky Winky's life support is expected to be cut off this evening. No charges have been filed. --Tillman

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