IADL #381
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 "Ssh ... just ignore the seven-foot transvestite behind us, and he'll go away." --Riff
 "Put your right nipple in, put your right nipple out..." then the cops arrested them. --Lots42@aol.com
 Damn! Fell out again! --Lots42@aol.com
 Alice and Sylvia kept their love affair a secret by simply holding hands out of frame. --DieLifeDie
 Yes, every year masses of people flock to stare at the state fair's most interesting attraction...the RED COUNTER. --Rabbi Bad Guy
 Watch out for the jellyfish, you fools! --Colin
 A spinning back kick later, Spinn needed a new digital camera. --Thomas Wilde
 "Oh, look! It's the Happy Little Dwarf That Punches People In The Nuts! Isn't he cute--AHHHHH!" --Pete
 "No Laura, I think you should go with the turquoise earrings... They really accent your goatee." --Deiphage
 Registration line at the Cagney & Lacey day camp. --lefty
 Don't eat that. You don't know what goat that hand's been in. --Mr. ?
 One of these girls is not like the other, one of these girls is groping her ass. --Mr. ?
 Instead of the Voice of Good on one shoulder and the Voice of Evil on the other, Melissa had some construction worker on her ponytail. And his only advice was "eat more cheese" --the skyclad answer, salvaging my own
 Framegrab from Japanese PlayStation release, Mr. Big Invisible Sex Pervert Fun-Nanza --Orrin Bloquy
 Promo for the new feature: Land of the Bland --SlappyJack
 Of all the Kids in the Hall, Bruce McCullough has fallen the furthest. But he stamps hands better than anyone else on the fairway. --Matt Rossi
 See what happens when funding is discontinued for the Fashion Police? --lefty
 "Oooh... How about this one? Jerry falwell penetrated anally with a cricket bat. We'll take it!" --Deiphage
 "Wow! It throbs and spews! And only $34.99!" --Deiphage
 Next year, Janet would have rethink her categorization of dog intestine as "fair food". --zeitgeist

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