IADL #382
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 Hey, nerdboy... your shadowmeld spell ain't workin' too tough. --snackwhore
 Fortunately, a successful 'hide in shadows' roll saved Sidney from the wandering spinntographer (#486 on the random encounter table). --Riff
 Here at Rutgers, we don't call them 'homeless'; we prefer the term 'the housing lottery unfortunate.' --Orrin Bloquy
 From the new children's book, Find Waldo, the Assassin --Mr. ?
 "Hmmmm. Lollapalooza 2000? Yes, I'm getting a vision, but I don't think you'll like it Mr. Farrell. Do you have another question?" --anon
 Finally! A place to eat my three lunches in peace. --Ashhole
 Quentin Tarintino's From Lunch 'Til Study Hall (3 1/2 stars; rated R) Campy hilarity ensues in this high-concept slasher flick when a scientist inadvertantly sends the soul of a cloned serial murderer into an ordinary 8-ball, which in turn wreaks havoc at a Catholic all-girls prep school. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Harvey Keitel and Mayim Bialik. --crispy
 Yeah, the cameras never showed the white trash, drug dealers, hookers, and pimps on the other side of Sesame Street. FCC regulations, they said. Sure didn't stopped all their inbred little brats with Downs Syndrome from coming over on our side, though, did it? I hate this fuckin' place. -- Oscar T. Grouch, On Becoming a Grouch --Cranky Bear
 Vlad Tepes' less-popular cousin Count Flatula awaits his next victim. --Orrin Bloquy
 Michael Keaton prepping for the role of his lifetime, "I'm Just A Bill: The Motion Picture." --Orrin Bloquy
 When she says she's a "columnist," most people think "newspaper." --Trainman
 A scene from the ancient greek war movie 'ACROPOLIS NOW!' --ChAoS
 Welcome to IADL Hell....we've been expecting you... -- mutantdog
 Who knows what lurks in the shadows? Oh, that's just Bob from accounting. --Deiphage
 Grand Opening at the library was a sad commentary on the state of literacy in southern Indiana. --lefty
 Bob takes his girlfriend's advice and sticks himself where the sun don't shine. --Shifter
 "I'm stoned. Get it? Aah, fuck off." --Lots42
 Waiting until his captor was lulled to sleep by the shade, Paul the Gerbil waddled left to escape. --Taskmaster
 Scene from the long forgotten Journey video, "Sittin' on the Stairs of the Parthenon." --Crack "I'm Sorry" Baby
 "Here on Atlantis, we offer the finest in huge, red pillars and dark places for evil to lurk. You'll come for the mayhem...but you'll stay for the skulking!" --Noonch
 Despite it's central location and access to shopping, Pinkhenge just never drew the crowds. --DieLifeDie
 Coming soon to the Sci-Fi Channel: Dork Shadows --Doc Evil
 "Very big, definitely very big." The monstrous scale of Legoland claims yet another victim. --DieLifeDie
 ShadowGeek Strength:2 Intellegence:18 Social Skills:1 Found near haunted temples and libraries, this is the wuss brother of the ShadowLord. Intimidated easily. --Mr. ?

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