IADL #383
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 Aww, Roland... I'm sorry I yelled at you man... come on, don't hide from me... --macb3th
 Sharif's plan to hide their 550-lb bale of weed under a park bench was less than successful... --macb3th
 Spot the pervert. --Marlboro
 Johnson almost enjoys the attention, but Jimmy retracts his head in shame. --FluffyBunny
 The rejection didn't hurt as bad as the shiv to the chest. --thraulk
 Why don't you just carry around a neon sign saying 'UNDERCOVER'? --Stickboy (Paraphrasing Out of Sight)
 Sadly, Paramount studios had no use for people in green shirts, and so the janitorial staff sadly never became part of the "Star Trek" Phenomona --Terminus
 You should have quit while your were ahead, Sam. (padum pum) thank you, thank you --Mr. ?
 Huh? Look out for what out-of-control helicopter blade? What are you talking about, Sam? .. Sam? --Mr. ?
 Lesser known haunts of Sleepy Hollow include the Headless Teamster and Bob the Hobo. --Mr. ?
 Larry enjoyed the feel of the wind in his hair and the sun on his face, contemplating the intricacies and subtleties that life provided. Jerry, on the other hand, preferred the feel of his own vomit splashing against his thighs. --Cranky Bear
 Jen misunderstands the concept of flirting. --Lots42@aol.com
 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead 2: Dead Harder. Sequel to the Tom Stoppard film, in which the two existential character from Hamlet, having been killed at the end of the last movie, decompose on a bench for two hours. Not much action. One and a half stars. --Pete
 Suddenly, without any warning, absolutly nothing happened. --J. Love
 It took four days for Earl and Skyler to realize that the "Clue Bus" was just a figure of speech. --crispy
 How NOT to hide a nose-picking session. --DavidK
 Arty cleverly hid his Newsweek from 1987, but Harold hardly seemed to care. --Crack Baby
 Roscoe keeps a lookout while his main man Stephen Hawking freebases some 'righteous' quarks. --Orrin Bloquy
 I double-dog dare you to start singing Aqualung really loud right now. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 "Watch as this purse thief blends into his surroundings, thus evading apprehension.. These are the things we are up against as police officers, gentlemen! Next slide..." --jfis
 Happiness is a warm puppy. --Valvoline
 Man, this Weekend at Bernie's is the worst of the lot-- and that's saying something. --Wabewalker
 So do you want your lunch today, Headless Pete? No? Why, thank you. --Mr. ?
 One of these people is not like the other... I think you know which. --Mr. ?
 Here we see Goofus and...um.. Goofus. --Mr. ?
 "Archangel One, come in! Subject says the exchange is off until he gets The Best of John Tesh CD! For Godssake! He's serious!" --Dr No
 So, you say you were raised by ostriches? --Mr. ?
 Have you been in an accident? 'Headless' John Samson was and the law offices of Byrd and Keane managed to get him a whole two hundred bucks. --Mr. ?
 So, you're an immortal? Me t...gackkkk. --Mr. ?
 There is such a thing as *TOO* good a sound system. --Mr. ?
 His career on Wild Kingdon over, and no more guest appearances on talk shows, Jim Fowler finally cracked. Here we see him believing he is the Galapagos Sea Turtle. --Ratman
 Ray's love affair with a huge, mutant tick turned out to be a big mistake. --DieLifeDie
 The good thing about having a headless manequinn is that no one tries to sleep on your bench or really bothers you at all. --Mr. ?

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