IADL #384
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 "Pardon me, but aren't you one of the Five Chinese Brothers?" --Riff
 Jenna and Bodhi waited in line for three days to get tickets to the special advance screening of Jack Frost. They were really fucking stupid. --Noonch
 And thus, casting for the Family Circus Stage Show begins! --crispy
 In this gritty, in-your-face scene The Real World-Seattle argues over whose responsibility it is to put the toilet seat up. --Brandolon Hill
 Due to recent budget cuts, the gates to Hell are nowhere's near as impressive as in the past, and the guardians Sin and Death have been replaced with Lard-Ass and Coco, the Chimpfaced Man. --Matt Rossi
 Jane and Bob were horrified when the play did not have six acts as they had previously assumed. --Deiphage
 Rahul and Lateefah finally realize that camping outside the box office isn't really necessary for Lily Tomlin concerts. --macb3th
 Harold shambled forward, glassy-eyed and stone-faced, drawn towards her sweet siren song like a moth to flame. He awoke only to find two gigantic buttocks hurtling towards his face. It was too late. -- excerpt from George Romero's dismal sequel, Night of the Living Booty. --Cranky Bear
 His shoes, her shirt. His ass, her face. It was truly a match made in heaven. --Cranky Bear
 Bob piloted his car quickly towards the doors. He took his "No Fat Chicks" bumper sticker VERY seriously. --zeitgeist
 Like the Brontosaurous, Emilia was gifted with an additional brain to run her massive hindquarters. Sadly, neither knew how to open a door, and she, too, was made extinct by the cold. --Taskmaster
 Even after a battery of psychologists performed countless tests, nothing could explain Jane's odd compulsion to do the hokey-pokey whenever she saw a mohawk haircut. --Wabewalker
 Bill slowed his walk. Each step was a painful oddessy back to the car, then to the house...and then 1 full hour of Ally McBeal. --Crack Baby
 How Hop-Sing got his groove back... --R.J.M.
 "And behold, I saw a pale ass, as wide and rolling as the sea..." from the Book of Revelations (expunged). --DieLifeDie
 For just pennies a day, you too can feed and clothe the socially inept. --Mr. ?
 When the King verdict comes out tomorrow, I want that. --Burn before reading
 Push or Pull. Decisions, Decisions. --wnt2kno
 WARCRAFT 1999: This screenshot shows an orc and an elf peon outside the town center. --ChAoS
 Another day, another big ass on SpinnWebe. --Rev. Evil Ed

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