IADL #385
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 Join Dick Van Patten, Jr. and the gang on the soon-to-be-doomed-by-the-Nielsen's Eight is Too Much! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 The long-distance bills to the nearest ISP were a bitch, but Bill finally brought the Internet to Appalachia. Next stop -- the Ozarks. --RoBear
 Bring a Lite-Bright to your next family gatherin' fer hours of dee-lightful fun! --Cabbage Man
 Bill Gates finally goes too far : The launch of "Windows : Retard Edition" --happy noodle boy
 Ah, the pleasures of roughing it; freeze-dried ice cream, rain pattering on our camper at night, long forest walks and Dad blowing the rest of the vacation money at an online casino. --Orrin Bloquy
 With 'Microsoft Virtual Camping,' Dad thought we wouldn't mind parking the Coleman in our back yard. We thought he wouldn't mind us pissing in his beer when his back was turned. --Orrin Bloquy
 Now, from the Bradford Exchange, the latest Norman Rockwell plate: Dad Gets Drunk and Beats off to the Internet, only four payments of $39.99. Reserve yours today. --Orrin Bloquy
 Trailerpark computer games: How far can the CD-ROM tray push the beer bottle? --macb3th
 Jen broods darkly, more aware than ever of her allergy to active-matrix screens. --macb3th
 Cindy sits morosely as the rest of the family enjoys a good ol' fashioned RedHat Linux installation. --macb3th
 Gina was always the center of attention when she played She'll be comin' 'round the mountain in fart sounds with her hands... Until Bob got that damn laptop. --jfis
 Megan thought of alerting her family that IADL was watching them...but she quickly remembered what a bunch of dumbfucks they were and decided against it. --Pete
 One of the favorite games of the Turkle family was to gather around Uncle George as he beat off to naughty pictures on the Internet. The first person to get hit by his resulting orgasm had to cook dinner that night. --Cranky Bear
 Joe pulled out his top-of-line, $4,000 laptop and whooped some major Minesweeper ass! --crispy
 If Jimmy would move a little to the left, there'd be a clear shot at the propane tanks and a collective sigh of relief from local Child Services. --zeitgeist
 The primitive clan gathered around the black oblong object. Soon it would impart wisdom to them: soon, the opening shockwave to teenbutts.com would finally load. -- Crazy Climber
 "I tell ya, this here 'DOOM' game just ain't as satisfyin' as the real thing..." --GregLeg
 Tiffany's hands broke into a sweat, and she went tense with anticipation. If she wasn't allowed to play Shanghai soon, someone was going to die. --Crack Baby
 "Well bust my britches Achmed!! That is you in IADL #368!! You're famous!!" --The Dank
 These people moved in next door to me at Geocities, and next thing you know my website was overrun with cigarette butts, crushed beer cans, and screaming children... --nashtbrutusandshort
 "No, play the jack... The goddamn JACK!!" --Deiphage
 Always searching for a higher bordom rate, Bob started showing digital slides of the camping trip during the camping trip. --The 13th Angel
 Irony: (i'ron'e) <noun>: they're playing Redneck Rampage --Brandolon Hill
 Just as soon as the rousing round of NetDoom started with the Airstream down the road, it was over. Squirrels play hell with CAT5. --zeitgeist
 These are the people who forward you a lame joke without removing the three hundred other addresses. Go kill them. --Lots42@aol.com
 "Ahhhhhhh!! A tornady iz a comin', we'z sittin ducks!! Ahhhhhh!!!" --The Dank
 The soothing sounds of a Quake Team Fortress MEGA Airstrike brought the whole family closer. --Shaggy

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