IADL #388
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 Moments later, they were all incinirated by Spyro the Dragon. --Mr. ?
 They cloned me, they can clone you toooo! --Mr. ?
 "Whoa! Grandpa! I'm having that giant Beanie Baby hallucination! Did you drop acid in my Lemonade again?" --Soanim8ed
 Joan is seriously reconsidering what she would do for a Klondike Bar. --The Dank
 Skip began re-evaluating his career choices once he realized that no one wanted to have his picture taken with "Ralph the Suppository". --snackwhore
 The only thing you can wear in LA that no gangs find offensive. --macb3th
 o/~ "Larry, the Lint Monster, and Johnny and Scott are friends...." o/~ --Leth (proving he's old enough to remember Sid & Marty Krofft's shows)
 A promotinal shot for 'Lara Croft 4' after the feminist group won the lawsuit. --Lots42@aol.com
 Soon after this episode aired, the Voyager makeup team was fired and replaced with people from Industrial Light and Magic. --Lots42@aol.com
 The reason stores can't supply enough furbys: this is the only egg-laying mother in captivity. --RoBear
 While the Red and Yellow M+M's were chosen as the company's spokecandies for the new millenium, Crusty-Gray M+M was asked to stand in the parking lot until he got run over. --agm
 For some reason, Woody the Blood-filled Tick never quite caught on as a Disney mascot -- mutantdog
 You Laugh, but this guy transmorgraphied into Barney a few years later. Lesson:Kill all small-town stuffed mutant-critter-things --SlappyJack
 Hello? Can somebody help me here? My nads really itch and I can't reach them! Hello? Anybody...? --Doc Evil
 Remember kiddies, Always clean your lint trap! --Doc Evil
 Xeeba tried desperately to explain his race's plan to mainstream Terran society into the Galactic Confederation. Later, everyone pretty much agreed he 'tasted like chicken.' --Orrin Bloquy
 An EXTREMELY rare photo-op: The Shmoo AND the Doublemint Twins! --Doctor X
 While everyone else laughed at the silly sheep, Ed deliberately looked away. Besides the fact that his granddaughter was with him, there were just too many painful memories of a love that once burned as bright as the sun. --Cranky Bear
 Moments after little Cyndi was overcome with glee at seeing the giant beanie baby, Grandpa was overcome with a lack of oxygen to the brain. --Mr. ?
 Hi... I'll Nicky the Nad. I'm here to talk to you about testicular cancer self-exam. --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Bert couldn't figure out why everyone avoided him. Nobody had the heart to tell him his costume looked like Godzilla's turd after drying in the sun for a week. --Ratman
 Yes, we here at AfterLife Interprises can custom fit you your own personal Hell. --andreaK
 "Have you heard the good news of our savior, Jesus Christ?" --Riff
 You thought that guy with the albatross had it bad? Wait'll you hear my story.... --Yakko
 Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa, Po, Dipsy and now, finally, Dookie. --Orrin Bloquy
 If Buddy Hackett fucked Grimace. --anon
 and in other news......The city of Bakersfield unvieled the mascot for their new minor league hockey team..."The Fighting Big Lumps of Crap"... --Opie
 Our mighty invasion fleet is on its way! Soon you will all have to honor of being slaves... Stop it! Stop hugging me! stop! --Mr. ?
 'When... Whatever the hell it is, Attacks'. Next on Fox. --Mr. ?
 "Next, we tag the mascot and release it into the wild. We then track their movements with radio signals. Here's one, entertaining a crowd as if nothing happened. God, I wish our funding hadn't been cut." -- from Marty Stouffer's Wild Generica --crispy
 "It's a penguin! A bald penguin!" "No, dumbass, it's an egg! With arms and shit!" "No way, sonny. That's a bonafied French prime minister!" Comments overheard at the Nevada State Fair's Guess the mascot! competition --Crack Baby
 Even the Coke machines far in the background laughed at Ken, for they far exceeded him in dignity. When he killed himself in the costume, no one would know, and no one would care. --Noonch
 Soon afterwards, the death penalty was abolished. Instead, offenders were permanently encased in -- well, this. --phil
 "Mmmm! I taste like pork!" --Noonch
 A rare photo of Scrappie-Doo, after years of drink and drugs, still claiming he didn't mean to run down Shaggy and Scoobie with the Mystery Machine... --mike?
 Choady's Bondo Adventure. God, I hate being a film critic. It's the worst job ever. If I ever get my hands on the son of a bitch who convinced me to make this my career, I'm gonna beat that swine until he begs for death. Two and a half stars. --Pete
 Kids, let me tell you...our god is harsh and highly judgemental. --Feren
 When Roger Corman cuts a special effect from a movie, you know it's bad. --Werehamster
 The inflatible Love Ewe sells particulary well in Montana. --Deiphage

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