IADL #390
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 Noticing the young shoplifter, Jacob was forced to pull off a rather unconventional trick called "The Disemboweler." --Brandolon Hill
 Melvin Frink, the junior assistant manager of The Slinky Hut kiosk, stops to give the boys at The Yo-Yo House another nasty taunting. --Nasty Ned
 Frank's face fell as he realized that instead of the "get-away smoke bomb" he had thrown the "get-pissed confetti ball" --Bleech_
 Have you seen my freind Harvey? He's a rabbit about this tall... --Doc Evil
 Moments later, five security guards beat into Carl's head the message that this was the wrong place for a White Power rally. --Doctor X
 She was cool when they set up an Orange Julius stand in her living room. She took it in stride when they put a Waldenbooks in her kitchen. However, when the Liliputians invaded her bathroom, it was time to get out the egg-slicer. --snackwhore
 "Now, with that said, I want you to emerge from that empty yo-yo carton, stand tall and BE THE BEST DAMN YO-YO SALESMAN YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE!!! Oh, and validate my parking ticket, please." --Tillman
 Thanks to the miracle of internet technology, this man's underarm hair is shared with millions instantaneously. --Orrin Bloquy
 Yo-yoing ranks somewhere between fishing and boomeranging with regard to the effectiveness of stories about The One That Got Away. --Ken
 "...and this is our Emperor's New Yo-Yo model. Ain't it a beaut!" --Soanim8ed
 "Yeah, Buffy kicks ass!" --Soanim8ed
 Leon celebrates his 100th sale at the Yo-Yo House. That Duncan T-shirt is his! --crispy
 Stallone breaks away from his Planet Holywood partners to start his own restaurant chain: Yo, Yo House o' Pancakes. --Riff
 "No, kid! This is a Yomega Raider with a transaxle system. The Yomega Wing Force is the one with the fixed axle made of aircraft aluminum. God! Don't you know anything?" --Brandolon Hill
 "Look, I need a beef log that is this big and a tub of vaseline. NOW!!" - This sort of thing happens at Hickory Farms more often that you would care to imagine. --Schottworld
 Even though Stan had been considered a genius in the pit at the NYSC, his skills didn't translate well into sales at the Yo-Yo House. --The 13th Angel
 It didn't take us long to figure his release from the asylum had been premature. You know, with all that arm raising and shouting, "Smell! Smell it!" and all. --Crack Baby
 Upcoming screenshot of the new Mortal Kombat game: Mustapha uses his fatality move to turn Sub Zero into a Yo Yo House. --Crack Baby
 Belinda smiled. Lured by the offer of yo-yos, the hapless shoppers were now trapped in the fibers of her ichorous web. Tonight she would feed... and feed well. --Wabewalker
 Mark displays his ignorance of black culture by doing the 'Arsenio bark' every time he sees the word 'yo' --jfis
 The plan:Swing my arms wildly and sing "We are Siamese if you please" incessantly until they give me a yo-yo. The result:Three people from completely different backgrounds got together and kicked my goofy ass. --jfis
 As the tentacles of the jellyfish slowly drifted into place, the hapless sea monkeys remained unaware of their fate. --Semillama
 I've always wondered what you can do with a degree in Philosophy. --Mr. ?
 "Have you heard the good news of our lord and savior, Yo Yo Ma?" --Mr. ?
 Somewhere, Tommy Smothers is weeping. --Wabewalker
 Got an infestation of yo-yos? Get the new Ronco Yo Yo House. Yo-yos check in, but they don't check out! Endorsed by Don Rickles. --Ken
 "Listen, dammit. I can get that same fucking yo-yo upstairs at the Yo-Yo Emporium for $6.99...what the hell do you take me for, some kind of loser?" --mutantdog
 No, the Yoko Ono House is two doors down. --Ken
 BANG! ZOOM! To the moon, Yo Yo House! --Rev. Evil Ed

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