IADL #391
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 George realizes he is the last man on earth, and as such, masturbates in public. --Lots42@aol.com
 Tandy's emotions passed through frustration to a soul-numbing sorrow. Hadn't she -told- him to meet her at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk? --Florimel
 ...what a rip-off. everyone in there couldn't give a shit about knowing my name... --SlappyJack
 His throbbing head full of disjointed memories of cheap cantina tequila, Chewbecca wakes up to wonder exactly how he ended up shaved and tattooed in Butte, Montana. --Shifter
 He's sharing a drink they call loneliness, but it's better than drinking a Bud. --Ken
 In the touching finale of The Final Days of Grunge, Jerry Cantrell, hitting the depths of despair after a one-night gig at "The Piano Man", flings himself in front of a bus. --Crack Baby
 Because the city was built on a fault line, officials made sure that all no parking signs were equipped with internal gyroscopes. --crispy
 Batman's newest foe: The Jaywalker. --Doctor X (You see, this angle is known as a Batman shot.)
 Mr. Mudhanapheton Bud arrived in this great country only to find himself the King of Beer! --Mr. ?
 "Wasn't this scene in every episode of Sliders?" Spinn started to reject the caption as a too-obvious reference...then realized it wasn't sarcasm. --phil
 The Last Dude on Earth. Pauly Shore stars in a remake of The Omega Man...look, do you even need me to review this? I'm just gonna, you know, lie down for a little while. And do we have any chicken soup? I think I'm coming down with something. One star. --Pete
 Business was slow for Bud the male prostitute -- despite the promotional billboard. --Bad Girl
 Conan the Pedestrian. --Bad Girl
 Soccer mom makes a wrong turn... --Bad Girl
 Tthe year 2000 uneventfully arrived in Meadow Falls, Iowa... --Bad Girl
 A scene from the new Stephen King thriller 'The Quaint New England Town That Is Really Damn Scary'. --Lots42@aol.com
 Instead of being wished into the cornfield, John was wished into an empty intersection in Winsconsin. --Lots42@aol.com
 On a desolate corner of a sleepy town, Edward Scissorhands plies his other trade. --snackwhore
 Life's Little Decisions: Drink Bud, or suck on a fire hydrant? Hrrmmmmmm.... --Rev. Evil Ed
 It was a gibbous night when the lowly stranger happened by the banal midwestern town. Of all the unfound horrors that hungrily lurked below it's somberous exterior, none was more frightning than a rather innocent house whose bulbous mailbox had only one cyclopean word on it: KEANE. -From 'The Familith Circus by H. PJ. Lovecraft. --Mr. ?
 Christie Brinkley is just sitting and laughing somewhere.... --Jello Viagra
 "Now where on earth did I park? Damn, I hate holiday shopping!" --Bucky

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