IADL #396
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 [click] and here we see the Ameoba as it shoots off several new apendages to engulf another morsel. --Mr. ?
 The turmoil was now over and little Joey thought it was finally safe to go shopping of Halloween stuff when suddenly, Freddie Kruger emerged from underneath mom's shirt! --Nasty Ned
 Maw, I know this stuff is marked down, but can't we decorate for Christmas like everyone else just this once? --Ben
 Oh yeah, right, like these are scary. You should see Ms. Dumwort's mole... --anon
 The kidnapper was able to jam Maria under her prosthetic belly easily enough. Now the REAL fun began. --Bleech_
 "Premium Halloween Decorations" My Ass!!! This pumpkin faced trick-or-treat bag is clearly sub-par, and the "spooky stickers" aren't even mildly frightening! This is the last time we come to The Christian Coalition's Halloween Hullabaloo, ma. Last time, indeed! --Psycho Crusha!
 Wowsers! Those are the second biggest man-breasts I've ever seen! --Doc Evil ( Don't ask me about the first, Brrrr... )
 How do ya get 'em to point like that, anyhoo? --Doc Evil
 ĦEs la gran calabaza, Chulo Bueno! --R.J.M.
 After the painful removal of thousands of plastic shards, over 300 stitches and agonizing reconstructive surgery to his face, young Juan never stood between fat people and a clearance rack again. --crispy
 "Your father will kick your little ass if he hears you want to dress up as Tinkerbell, boy!" --snackwhore
 "Decisions, decisions," Edna mused. "Would I look better as a Playboy bunny or as a slutty witch?" --Shem
 "Forget it. We'd be lucky to keep our lives if we tried to sacrifice any of this crap to Lord Yog-Sothoh." --Shem
 "The quality just hasn't been the same since Jack Skellington fired everyone and moved Halloween Town to Mexico." --Shem
 After a computer glitch caused Hallmark to solicit their Hallowe'en goods about two weeks into February, Love Pumpkin Day was declared a success by all. --the Engine
 It is said that great comedians often come from twisted and tragic family backgrounds. Take Gabe Kaplan, for example.... --phil
 Halloween stuff out already?!? What is this, a "Charlie Brown" special? --Doc Evil
 Great, Mom! This will be the best Yom Kippur ever! --Crack Baby
 "Dear God...there's no telling how long I've been unconscious! If only there was some way for me to tell what month it is!" --Pete
 Theresa, you can be anything you want, Sweetheart - I just don't understand why you don't want to be an overweight, busty, white-trash mother-of-three who wakes up every day looking for a reason not to swallow a handful of Xanax and call it quits. You know, like I always was when I was your age. --Craig [sneaking away from the DFC for a second]
 Young Sheila was feeling something -- but it wasn't penis envy.... --Bad Girl
 But mom, why do we have to paint my ass orange? --HoeCake
 *CHOMP* --jfis
 The snow was getting worse outside, but Julio wasn't worried...if it got too bad, he could always cut Mom open and climb inside for warmth. --Pete
 Mapplethorpe's final work, "Double-chins, Man-titties, Ugly-Afro" was the final blow. The NEA's funding was completely cancelled shortly thereafter. --BAR-1
 "Thaaats right, honey, ease it under your jacket, slooowwly.. Now, move it to the side using the arm for support...Excellent." --jfis
 Not only are both of these people completely androgynous, but that child's sportin' a 'fro so hideous that no mask on earth is frightening enough to draw attention from it. --BAR-1

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