IADL #397
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 Damn these mirrors really suck. --Yakko
 It's tough being a black mannequin in the crooked city ... --Riff
 Charlotte wasn't as upset about having to pour everybody's coffee as she was about having to express for those who wanted cream as well. --Cranky (don't even ask about the sugar!) Bear
 103 stitches later, Sheryl never did her "Chinese Li" impersonation again... --crispy (somebody stop me)
 Helen always laughed when Joanne would go into LSD flashback-induced fetal positions. Ha ha! --Crack Baby
 "You know, it won't heal if you keep picking at it." --Valvoline
 "I keep forgetting-- I'm the guy and you're the girl, right?" --Valvoline
 "...I went up two cup sizes, my nipples are perkier, and look! you can't even see the scar!" --kramm
 As the boat listed back and forth, Mita and Atul took turns spattering the wall. --Ken
 Doin' maple shots at the IHOP... --Doc Evil
 Another hapless job applicant reduced to tears. Marianne smiled as she adjusted her panties beneath her desk. Life is good. --King Catherine the Transvestite
 As Brandy went into the second hour of describing her operation, Sheila realized that her only hope was to feign rigor mortis. --Doctor X
 All new from Ronco Labs ! The Stepford Lunch Companion ! --Bleech_
 Meanwhile, in Gotham City's most badly-decorated hide-out.... --Bad Girl
 How ALSO not to hide a nose-picking session. --DavidK
 In an effort to be as politically correct as possible, Disney World installed minority animatronic tellers in the banks on park grounds. --Leth
 Kodak moment... Or Maalox moment? --Doc Evil
 Heh heh. Mom, thanks for the ride, but you can go now. --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 "uhh...Charlene, ya really gotta nurse that squirrel at the table?" --semillama
 Sun Yee looked away in shame as she viewed the stuffed corpse of Flo Jo! --HoeCake

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