IADL #398
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 The Genie of the sewer grating. --anon
 As the buildings began to evaporate, Gilbert tried desperately to keep in the shade. That's for sure, he thought to himself, it's Mother Phuckin' HOT! --King Catherine the Transvestite
 Cover of the new Swingmasters album, "White Guy Ain't Goin' 55!" --Crack Baby
 Edward pretended not to notice at first, but soon it would be difficult to ignore the fact that the whole neighborhood was slowly going Impressionist. --King Catherine the Transvestite
 "Excuse me! Does anyone know what time the ass-kicking contest starts?" --Doctor X
 No doubt about it: Jim had that certain extra "Mph". --Tom Geller
 Billy Bob spent three days trying to figure out what 'H d W' meant. --kyosuke
 Even the streets mocked him; but after Tuesday, they'd call him Mister Potato Hiney no more. --Tom Geller
 Having no friends, Mike ws reduceced to playfully giving himself wedgies. --kingmo
 The Guardian of the Crosswalk waited. All those who couldn't answer his riddles would be thrown into the Parking Lot of Sorrow to be hit by the Plymouth Voyager of Despair. Most everyone jaywalked nowadays, though. --phil
 Luke attempts to demonstrate that he is, in fact, smarter a post.... --Bad Girl
 As part of the "Urban Art Renewal Project" the city of Springfeild got creative with their parking meters. --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 Guests of IADL stay at the fabulous Grace Holding Inn, where Rudy, our one-legged bellhop, stands eager to see to all of your needs and regale you with tales of his stump. --Doctor X
 Mark was told to go out and take a pee. He soon proved to be the stupidest pledge in Kappa House. --Ken
 The street can't help but emit a muffled groan when Alfred steps on it. --snackwhore
 You know how you can see a guy from far away and think he's cute and then get close to him and realize he's just not?? Well, it doesn't work in reverse. Trust me on this. --snackwhore
 Under the misty parking sign, the village geek he stands. The geek, a nerdy man is he, hath one foot but hath two hands; and the softness of his gut doth move like shifting sands. His hair is short, greasy and black, his face is like the moon; his cheeks are wet with Clearasil, and his BO fills the room... --Leth (with apologies to Longfellow)
 POCATELLO: An arrest has been made in the Street Graffitist case, putting an end, police say, to his six-month reign of terror. According to an inside source, the suspect is local entrepreneur Mr. Potato Head. --Ken
 Heedless of the "MPH" sound effect, Dale walked blindly into the fight scene from Batman. --BAR-1
 Pogo Cop 2: Jump back on the Beat. no stars. I couldn't really finish watching the movie as my eyeballs burst into flames. --Mr. ?
 Wally ambles home after another hard day of product-testing pork rinds.... --Bad Girl

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