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 "Tall-- check. Tan-- check. Young-- check. Lovely-- check. How come nobody's saying 'aaah'?" --Ian Abrams
 The first test of the SpinnWebe "gutter-cam" was a rousing success. --anon
 You don't know fear until you've been stalked by a white trash lesbian in daisy duke's. --Garrett
 If she asks me if I have that "not so fresh" feeling one more time, I swear I'm gonna throw her into oncoming traffic. --anon
 "Gosh, I hope that woman over there dosen't see me pickin my humongous wedgie..." --Sailor Venus
 ...but my mother's tampon? NO WAY! --anon
 God, its so hard to keep a straight face with these ben-wa balls. --el Marko
 "You're gon-na make it af-ter aaaaaaall" --The Sandman
 Since I switched to pads, it's bye bye Camel Toe! --Gabe Golden
 Oh, god, why does my mom have to shake hands with each of my friends. I could just die! --Diggit
 One more click shutterboy, and youll be able to take closeups of your colon with no problem. --TRAV
 Having fooled the leaders of the campus NOW chapter, Dennis felt sure that his new life would be a success. --Capt. phealy
 "Okay, everyone! Tryouts for the Mentos commercial start in ten minutes." --Hugh
 " I am NOT Juice Newton! Why does everybody keep asking me that?" --Toade
 The two feminists take turns landing kicks to the groin of the fallen photographer who made the mistake of saying, "Show us your tits!" --Sad Sack
 Even the tilted aftermath of the earthquake couldn't keep the two valley girls from their Saturday shopping expedition. --Joanne
 I'm just waiting for Gennifer Flowers to finish with Ol' Billy Boy, then the world's gonna hear what he did do me with handcuffs and a truncheon. --Dick Swindle
 The "Accessory Challenged" on Parade! --Roger Mexico
 From The Purse Snatcher's Reference Guide: Even 'Stubby' the amputee would have little difficulty with this one! --Bill Fortier
 Darlene would never smile at the other women, stained as her teeth were by chewing tobacco. --GroundFault
 She could hardly keep from smirking as she walked by with her secret: a mouthful of semen, kept all day until she could add it to her collection. --GroundFault
 I really dig the mid to late 80's. --anon

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