IADL #40
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 Here's a computer-enhanced image of what Sid Vicious would have looked like if he had lived to see the Sex Pistols reunion. --His Imperial Majesty
 The Pepperidge Farms man prepares to "whup a little tail." --anon
 Roy was not at all happy with the fit; he felt it didn't "enhance" his bustline. --anon
 Having heard one too many "pocket protector" jokes, Professor Fogarty prepares to "get medieval" on an unfortunate student. --anon
 Abner thought that maybe, just maybe, the Tilting Room ride at Six Flags would cure his constipation. --The Lawyer
 Heh-Heh...that's *right* kids, I *was* a vice-presidental candidate in 1992. Ah, those were the days.... --anon
 After discovering that he could not fit in the aircraft's toilet, Floyd decided to hold it in for the next two thousand miles. --The Most Rev.HolyOley
 Boy, Steve Martin looks like hell before his first cup of coffee! --The Sandman
 Beginning with this image, a new IADL feature: click on the picture and see the people naked! --Horselover Fat
 Dave Thomas' evil twin, Rick. --Doc Evil
 Evildoers beware, Ben Matlock is on the case! --Doc Evil
 " You can tell by the way I do my walk: I'm a womans' man, no time to talk... " --Doc Evil
 Sorry, bub. This is a restricted area. Only members of the Nutter Butter engineering team allowed. --Keef
 Outside his doctor's office, Martin Landau was quickly angered by autograph seekers waiting for him after his colon-cleansing. --Keef
 Robert Morse photographed backstage during rehearsals for "Dysfunctional Family Circus Live!" --Capt. phealy
 We all knew that if Bart didn't get his prune smoothie soon, things would get downright ugly. --Greg J
 Eeeeeerrrgh!!!! FIRE BAD!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!! --a little man from another place
 One more "He looks like he's gonna go postal!" comment an' I'm gettin' the MAC-10 outta th' trunk! --Bill Fortier
 Although the doctors were never able to completely remove the two-by-four from Marv's head, the only side effects were the perpetual scowl and a tendency to tilt somewhat to the right. --Oona Bommer
 His Imperial Majesty looked at the man in horror, realizing that in twenty years he would look just like him. --His Imperial Majesty (Not kidding, unfortunately)
 "Grumpy the Clown" gets ready for another day at the circus. --Rainmaker
 The amazing Randolfi in his declining years didn't realize that the "balancing a sheet of styrofoam on my head" act no longer wows 'em like it did in the Catskills. --anon
 Wal-Mart wasn't so successful in trying to market the "Grumpy Greeters". --Don Spudleone
 Gentlemen, this is Rhonda, your phone sex slave for the evening. --Don Spudleone
 Harold didn't know why he had this headache all day... that is until he got home and found THE GLOWING BLADE OF LORD SARNAK in his skull. --Evil Ed
 Next on "Lifestyles of Prune Eating Crumudgeons", Andy Roonie takes us on a whirlwind tour of his newly remodeled ice fishing shack,where the accent is on Earthtones! --Jo jo the spiv
 Former Auschwitz Übercommandant Klaus Schiffer in a lighter moment at Jiffy Lube® --Ngoc van Trimble
 Attorney General Janet Reno's mother, Agnes, is almost as imposing a character as her famous daughter. --anon
 Yes, kids, this is the REAL Santa Claus. --Don Spudleone
 Today was the happiest day in Jeb's life. Unfortunately, could tell the difference. --Don Spudleone
 He has a pen in his pocket.....but no protector! What a rebel! --Duke of Kings
 Off I go to give Garry Shandling his cheeks back. --Anon.
 He's not wearing any fucking pants! --Tom Fulp
 A Photographic Essay: "My Night Behind the Glory Hole" --P. Reubens
 "Lookout, Gramps is pissed off! Careful, he'll hit you with his breasts!" --anon
 While the six other dwarves remained content with their mining business, Grumpy began receiving experimental growth treatments, and, armed with elevator shoes, settled into apartment life. --The Outsider

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