IADL #400
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 Must not type "Wide Load" caption...must not type "Wide Load" caption... --Tillman
 The Mentos gang gets old and fat and moves to Yonkers. -- From Cult Commercials: Where are they Now? --King Catherine the Transvestite, Queen of Yonkers
 Scene from a parallel universe where Roger Corman directed Reservoir Dogs. --Doctor X
 Bubble bubble toil and trouble, caultron burn and water bubble, with your help Isis and Horus, help us find our lost parked Taurus. --Mr. ?
 Musical ending to the failed sequel The Fifth Wives' Club, starring Ruth Buzzi, Rupaul, and Tyne Daly. Half star. --Cranky Bear
 Welcome to the Hell Plaza Parking Lot, where your car is always just one row over ... --Shem
 The suburban Crip's Lawyers go to meet with the suburban Blood's Lawyers to negotiate a throw down. --Stickman
 Three Little Ladies and No Men... Ever. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Sequel to The X-Men, the Y-Men, Y? --Crack Baby
 With night quickly approaching, the three of the four horsewomen of the apocalypse make haste for the beauty salon to retrieve Betty, the vain, anorexic bringer of -- what else, famine. --Al-Muhammad Qataf Anafgh Smith Jr. [recovering from a bleak performance in the stupid category]
 "Well, I finally got just the right explosion effect for when Zontaq's head is shot with the chain gun. Daquiris are on me, ladies." --crispy
 In the time-honored tradition of re-vamping a sagging show by introducing a familiar character, NBC presents "Will and Grace and Pat"! --Riff
 "Wanna come home with us, sweet thing?" Moments later, Lucius was on the ground, trying to claw his eyes out. --Pete
 Yes, indeed, these were your internet sex partners last night. Log off, dammit! --The Sandman
 Tonight on the X-Files, Scully learns the true nature of the Conspiracy from the Two Fat Ladies. Special Guest Star: Emeril Lagasse. --Orrin Bloquy
 These women always take a box-lunch to work. --R.J.M.
 A scene from Catfight at the O.K. Carpark. --R.J.M.
 "Thanks for the ride, girls. What exactly is a lebanese sandwich?" --jfis
 X-Files spinoff, "The Lone Gunmen Chronicles", had it's ratings rocket when the tall blond one had sex change operation. --A Grouch
 With a deep breath, the Snackwells guy stepped out from behind the car and opened fire. --Doctor X
 You gotta respect anyone who leaves scorch marks behind them when they fart. --Deiphage

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