IADL #401
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 So, are you hiding illegal alien Albanian elves under that fake snow or is Frosty just happy to see me? --Al-Muhammad Qataf Anafgh Smith
 For some reason, the Centre Pointe Mall Public Bubble-Filled Hot Tub failed to catch on. --JAS
 Frosty and his Magic Icicle? These porn flicks are getting weirder and weirder..... --Stealth
 Wasn't this scene in Jack Frost? No, not that crap-fest with Michael Keaton, the good one! --Riff
 The sound of their head's bonking as they all grabbed for the penny was worth every hour I spent waiting. --Yakko (salvaging JAS and ripping off Gary Larson in one caption)
 "Johnny! Johnny! Where are you? Come back right...oooh, shiny." --Lots42@aol.com
 Proving that access to the internet can be a terrible thing, someone re-programs the elves to give ancient Norwegian obscene gestures. --Lots42@aol.com
 Two out of three mall shoppers judiciously employ the advice given by Frank Zappa: don't go near the yellow snow. --Al-Muhammad Qataf Anafgh Smith
 "I paused... one elevated mall walkway, one balloon filled with Crimson Red Latex paint... THREE unsuspecting targets... decisions, decisions, decisions..." --BAR-1
 And the angel in the straightjacket swings a lamppost at Frosty? Man, this A WCW Christmas has got to be the wierdest thing I've seen on cable! --BAR-1
 "Who would've thought the solution to the Y2K problem was CK1?" from Cosmetology for Nerds --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 This was no paranormal phenomenon -- just dwarf-tossing! Sculley hung her head in shame.... --Bad Girl
 Some bridges have trolls and riddles, some mall Santas have bitches with surveys. --BAR-1
 Just a little ways more up the ramp, and I'll be able to see down her shirt. --Crack Baby
 Everybody stopped with fear when they heard the dreaded words coming from the balcony, "I shouldn't have eaten those chilly dogs!' --Mr. ?

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