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 Christ that's the last time I'll complain about white clydesdales. --Yakko
 The baby paused. Nice ass, he thought. --Orrin Bloquy
 Tum-Tubby and Care-a-lot go on a bloodthirsty rampage in The Care Bears' Big Genetic Engineering Mishap --BAR-1
 "First that blonde bitch takes our porridge, now she's kidnapped our first born and is hiding somewhere in this amusement park!" from the new Mel Gibson film Goldilock's RANSOM --BAR-1
 It must be 5 pm. The fiberglass bears are all facing Mecca. --Annna
 In spite of everyting going on in this panel, you will still find your eyes inexorably drawn to the lady's big blue bootie.--excerpt from How the Male Mind Works: Why You Embarass Even Yourself Sometimes. --Elbow
 After three children tried to board her at the TubbyBear ride, Marsha decided she had to join Jenny Craig, or at least wear clothes that were in no way similar to overalls. --Cranky Bear
 In the Rides to Guarantee Your Kids Years of Therapy category... --Crack Baby
 Before discovering acid and ether, a young Hunter S. Thompson would get his highs from eating a pound of sugar and going to the fair. --King Catherine the Transvestite
 "...which convinced us we should not try to contact this planet again for another 80,000 zarqs. Next slide..." --crispy
 Hmmm, what would Jesus do? Probably not what I'm thinking. --crispy
 The only person who seemed to care about the alien visitors was grandma. She just kept saying, "I wonder what kind of johnsons these guys are packin'?" --jfis
 Richard Simmons' psychosis started with this moment when his grandma explained the evil of "those fat ass monstrosities" --jfis
 A close-up of the sign reveals the following caveat: "Do not ride the Hillbilly Bears if you have more than 3 teeth, a spouse not related by blood, or more than one set of clothes. We are not responsible for the changes that may occur in those who do not heed this sign." --snackwhore
 "Fuck this Koyaanisqatsi shit! I gotta be me!" --DavidK
 And Jerry Fallwell is woried about the gay Teletubbies? --HoeCake
 Decorating tip #67: For carnival rides, you can't go wrong with Shit Brown. --Crack Baby
 The bears perpetually scanned the water slide for bikini wedgies. --NME--
 From The Joker's new book "Death Traps Too Stupid For Even Me To Use." --Doctor X
 You must be at least 48" tall to caption this picture. --Ken
 "I will not comment on bear asses ... I will not comment on bear asses" - from the IADL book of self-hypnosis --Riff
 The bear quickly reached down, grabbed the blue pants lady, and shoved her in his mouth. -From Wes Craven's 'The Telletubbies and Their Kin' --Mr. ?
 Everyone generally agreed that real highway construction workers had bigger asses and hairier backs. --Orrin Bloquy
 I had no idea I accidently taped a gondola full of Cub Scouts plummeting to... Damn, her ass is fat! --Deiphage
 "Honey, I know the bears are cute, but we gotta take cover. The Marines are going to flying over soon and those cables are pretty high..." --Tillman
 "...and THAT's why mommy wears these pants." --Ashhole
 Jesus, man. Why do all of these pictures look like stuff I dreamt recently? --RipperJak
 What do you give a giant cartoon bear with explosive diahrrea? Plenty of distance!!! --Doc Evil
 Though the fad was years old, Idaho's state fair goers never really lost interest in the Robot Macarena Bears. --Smokey
 "big asses +bears -twinks." Lycos...go get it! --Smokey
 "Five bucks says the woman in the blue pants splits the seat of her pants open if she bends over one more time." --SPRFREAK

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