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 The guys from Flock of Seagulls mope in the mall after spending the last of their money on one last batch of hair dye and some bad fried rice... --jfis
 Yow! This is too hideous and unreal....can we have the fat plastic bears back please? -- mutantdog
 'If you can guess how many chickens I have in the bag, I'll give you both of them!' --agm
 I never thought clown college could be so difficult. --Yakko
 Only 25 or 30 more years of this fabulous existence to go! --The 13th Angel
 Johnny Rotten meets with his proctologist at a local McDonalds...nothing's more punk rock than that. --Stickman
 "Lookie-wookie, a cafe au lait, all frothy-like, real horrorshow." - From A Clockwork Biscotti --crispy (cheap, I know)
 Okay, I'm sorry. I guess that Cauliflower Head joke was over the line. --Brandolon Hill
 "I didn't wanna tell ya this, but you're gonna hear it anyway, so it might as well be from me. So, here goes. Nobody cares about your Goddamn perfume or your cancer or the fact that you can't keep a husband. There, I said it. I'm gonna go get a mochaccino. You want?" --TBone's House O' Screamin' Weasels!!
 You won't believe this, Peej; 17 years since we quit the strip and I've still got it. See that lady looking at my hair? I'll just suggest she fake an orgasm right here ... --Ken
 The retired cast of "Spy vs. Spy" reflect on old times... --Valvoline
 From left to right : Toby, Toby Wong, Charlie Fuckin' Chan --Bleech_
 Storyboard picture #437: Here they contemplate a cherry pie. - Stolen from pre-production meeting of David Lynch's Three Stooges. --Santa Claustrophobia
 Billy Idol's heart-to-heart talk with his mother is interrupted by a call on his cell phone, informing him that the sheep entrails he ordered for his new video have come in... -- mutantdog
 "You cain't denah the truth, Dorothy. It would be much cheaper to sell yo' mother's body to Ralston Purina than to bury her. The ol' bitch put you down most of her life, anyways." -- scene from The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes --Cranky Bear
 The knitting bee became intense when the ref called Irma for biting off Florence's ear. --RipperJak
 Screw Groucho! We don't need him anyway! The Marx brothers will struggle on! --HoeCake
 Pardon me, but your sack from "Everything's a Dollar" is in my crab bisque. --Crack "Everything's Funny at Everything's a Dollar" Baby
 I don't get it. We've been at this mall four hours, and we haven't given away a single "Hair World" coupon! --Smokey
 Only in New York can you see a trio of old people die suddenly at the local coffee joint, and not have seen anything new. --Magus
 "Will you quit comparing Depech Mode to Jimi Hendrix! Little Wing just wouldn't sound right with a keyboard doing the intro." --SPRFREAK
 For some reason, the Old Spice Girls always have that smell around them. --Mr. ?
 Across from the bar on the boulevard of broken dreams, there stands the fast food joint of depression. --Mr. ?
 In my day, we didn't have these fast food places. If we wanted a hamburger, we would take a sharp rock and hit a wooly mamoth over the head. --Mr. ?
 In a nondescript Border's cafe, The Society of People Who Know the Difference Between French and Italian Sodas plot their campaign of terror. --Wabewalker
 Doris and Edna plan their assault on Hallmark. Soon the Beanie Babies would be theirs. --anon
 And then out of three bright orbs of light rose Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. "Eat the Magic Casserole. Only then will your band get better," they spoke in unison. --ChoppingBlock
 In the bag: a severed human head. With better hair... --Bad Girl
 My life sucks so bad, being an Oscar Mayer weiner would be an improvement... --Bad Girl
 Maybe we should've held the seance someplace quieter. --Bad Girl
 "Error 404: Life not Found. Get One." The patrons of the cybercafe didn't appreciate the screensaver. --Orrin Bloquy
 i loved this coffee. i loved that waiter...JEAN LUC! a-ha-ha-ha-ha! --lobiwan

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