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 If Jim Carrey starts crawling out of that thing's ass, I'm un-bookmarking this page --Bleech_
 What you don't see on the Universal Back Lot Tour: The Stuffed and Mounted Exhibit. --Santa Claustrophobia
 "Well, our first lawn ornament is very popular with men who are insecure about the size of their muscles. And the other is, um, well, er ... " --Shem
 "I've been signing to Koko for about half an hour; she just sits there. I must have really pissed her off yesterday with that 'dead kitty' remark." --crispy
 Aw, hell, not another Roseanne and Tom Arnold pic. --agm
 Few people could afford the matching sets for their lawn jockeys. --Crack Baby
 I thought I had left the acid trip of picture #403 behind me; the dancing cartoon bears, the fat ass women, etc. But when I saw my mother-in-law cavorting with a Mr. Ed lookalike in my backyard, I just broke down and cried. --SprFreak
 After their research funding ran out, Koko's handlers gave up and had her freeze-dried. --Shem
 I know why the caged horse...well maybe I don't. --Stickman
 Here at "Rubbish World", you can destroy your yard in thousands of tacky ways. --A Grouch
 When a tornado took all of "Lawn World"'s inventory away, it was declared an act of God, and a merciful one at that. --A Grouch
 A world where Apes evolved from Horses!! wait, that just doesn't sound right ... --Riff
 Little known fact #310: Some of our best-known sexual metaphors originated from Wally's Outdoor Innuendo Wax Museum, on Interstate 40 near Memphis, TN. Here are three of his more popular displays: "Fucks Like A Monkey", "Hung Like A Horse", and "As Straight As Wally." --Cranky Bear
 Business was slow at "Wally's Adult Novelties" -- until he added an outdoor bestiality section... --Bad Girl
 World's tackiest gravestones. --Bad Girl
 The dinner theatre production of Babe ran into casting problems... --Bad Girl
 o/' If your mynah boid has a hemmorhoid, if your ape has a ruptured colon, if your grizzlies went nuts and filled their butts with balls better used for bowlin', Well, do not whine, just call the equine with a proctological D.V.M. Animals just love the rubber hoof glove as it reaches inside them o/` -- From Rhino Records' Theme Songs From Really Short-Lived TV Shows, Vol. 3 --Ken
 "Oh shit. He had a camera. Do you think he heard us?" --Ashhole
 Welcome to EuroDisney. --Waldo
 "Dammit, Medusa! Can't take you to the opera, can't take you to the zoo..." --Wabewalker
 Ohio Travel Tip #17: When looking for fine continental cuisine, steer clear of Cincinatti's "The Horse & Ape." It's more than just a cute name: it's their menu. --Smokey
 After throwing his feces at others Bimbo was banished from Plasticland. --Hitch
 Bring not your evil here, White Man! --Ape with Attitude
 Jim sat down and cried. He couldn't understand why his business failed. His plan of selling really tacky lawn ornaments next to his trailer in the middle of a forty-acre farm off a gravel road seemed foolproof! --Mitch
 Misunderstanding his father's dying words, Murray spent many years protecting the family mules. Except that that's really a horse. And Murray is a gorilla. Ah, fuck it, I'll just say something gratuitous about Koko and Mr. Ed. The yellow star ain't so bad anyway. --King Catherine the Transvestite.
 Jimmy could've sworn that he had just walked into the lingerie department at Sears, but then again it was about time for the cough syrup to kick in. --SPRFREAK
 The de-evolution ray hits Sylvester Stallone and Fran Drescher. --Mr. ?
 Donkey. Kong. Donkey-Kong. Get it! --Valvoline was immediately shot on site.
 "We Go Ape Over Your Grave!" ran the advertising slogan for Tom's Terrific Tombstones. 4 months later, the owner had himself shot and stuffed as a warning to prospective self-employers. --Stealth
 Hmm.. Birdbath... lawn gnomes... giant fuckin' stone horse... I can't decide which one to put in front of my trailer! --Crack Baby
 Realdoll.com starts reaching out to the European market. --Orrin Bloquy
 They stood together, this horse and gorilla, guarding against the unthinkable...a Wayne Newton stadium tour. Pray we never need them. --Pete

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