IADL #407
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 As the Mortal Kombat video game machine asked if it could play through, Murray swore to himself that he would never take acid again. --RipperJak
 Next on America's Funniest Fatalities... --Mr. ?
 Hey Bob, you think this new executive washroom is overkill? --The 13th Angel
 Willard couldn't help but wonder if the life-size commemorative statue of Jack Nicklaus was anatomically correct. --Ogdred
 "I dunno, Alice... they might be un-PC, but I prefer the black lawn jockeys." --Tom Geller
 Cut! I'm sorry, folks, this just isn't working. The public just won't believe this. That damn mannequin looks more alive than any golfer in the PGA. --RoBear
 Yeah, this is exactly the reason I came all the way to Comdex. --Werehamster
 Not many people know that Mr. Clean is also a damn fine scratch golfer. --Shem
 In response to the female clamoring for a "more real" male love doll, the new Ronco X-3000 prematurely ejaculates, gets dressed, asks to borrow cab fare from you, and then goes golfing with his buddies. --Smokey
 "His shot ain't worth squat," thought Earl, "but Jim sure can wear a pair of Haggar slacks." --The 13th Angel
 Carefully controlled scientific studies proved it: WE COULD KICK ALIEN ASS at golf. --ChoppingBlock
 When his career as Cosmic Herald came to an end, the Silver Surfer had to make a meager living by doing convention demos of his Cosmic Driver Model 1000. --Leth
 Hey kiddies! It's the IADL fun page! Can you find the six overt sexual references hidden in this picture? --BAR-1
 Why they felt the need to add an animatronic Johnny Carson at EPCOT, we'll never know. However, I do know this. This photo only serves to prove why Michael Eisner must DIE!! --BAR-1
 Mitch just stood and stared while Drew pulled the biggest-ass nightcrawler from the service hole. Suddenly his urge to use the bathrooms there was gone and his brick-hard bladder no longer bothered him. --Orrin Bloquy
 the boys at the lab managed to discover new levels of boredom by having the subject watch VIRTUAL golf. it was their most significant breakthrough since 'the chevy chase show' --cip
 "Wow, what a great club! When I'm on the course with the other rich fatcats discussing how to better carve up this country for our own gratification, I'm sure to get a great score! God, it's great to be white in America!" --Pete
 The new megahit, palindromic S&M nightclub "Golf n Flog' lured several unsuspecting golf freaks into "Mistress Sally's Sandtrap". --Crack Baby
 Little-known Star Trek facts. Inside the Borg cube, there's a recreation center. --Bad Girl
 ...and here in Tokyo we see the Grand Deluxe 1-hole fairway. --anon

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