IADL #408
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 You know this is the clearest picture we've had in months, and I still don't know what the fuck is going on. --Yakko
 These days, they have a more civilized way to choose people for the Lottery. --Mr. ?
 "Left foot, white. Right foot, um... white. Uh, right hand..." Excerpt from Twister For the Blind Championships. --King Mo
 It worked at the Renaissance Festival, but the Elks Lodge never figured out how to make "3-D Battle Bingo" a success. --Elkman
 Get used to it. This is what the Price Is Right will look like after Barker dies. --Santa Claustrophobia
 The highlight of the Knee Surgery Survivors of America's get-togethers was always the 5-yard limp. --Shem
 Despite testing well in focus groups, Nerf Cricket turned out to be a tragic flop. --Shem
 No two ways about it. You simply cannot make a better game by mixing Golf and Bingo. --Jenn Dolari
 Extreme Croquette...Bingo...Shufflebo...Calvinball? --Jenn Dolari
 Edna remaineds disgusted with today's youth; Marilyn Manson, Rufinols, and now Pooper Scooper races. --MechZilla
 Finally a glimpse into the dark fantasies of Jessica Tandy. --ChoppingBlock
 The Senior Center's idea of Twister-Bingo didn't really work out well. At least not till the Jell-O was introduced... --Leth
 The Coven of the Mists considers replacing their tired old brooms with The New Improved Super Floor Cleaning System Extraordinaire. --jacquitequila
 Everyone in position? Okay! Now release the baby seal! --Bad Girl
 "After careful inspection of the pomme's pogo stick, celebrity referee Dame Edna makes a fair-dinkum call and kicks the bloody, whiniging bastard out of the 10-metre Lager Hop and sobbing back home to Mother England." -It's A Might Peculiar Life, Mate!, Australian Version of IADL. --Doctor X
 I'm saving this picture to show my kids. I'll point at the person in white shorts and a black top and say, "This is what happens to philosophy majors." If that doesn't drive 'em to the sciences, nothing will. --Crack Baby
 Miss Marple makes the scene in " Murder Most Goofy. " --Doc Evil
 Whatever you do, don't land on the square marked 'I-69' --Mr. ?
 We'd be more motivated if it were an iMac instead of an old TV. --Werehamster
 "Singled Out" just wasn't the same after they replaced Carmen Electra with Divine... --Hooper_X
 On Albania's top-rated TV show, "Golfing for Food Stamps", contestants try to hit the highest numbers on the board, while celebrity guest Julia Child acts as goalie -- mutantdog
 Instead of "Stump and Pumple," seen here, Channel 12's pledge month next year will feature "Send Electrical Charges Through Mentally Incompetent Criminals." We plan on a 5,000% pledge increase. --crispy
 All they're missing are the 5 kids in front of little pinball machines and a carny. --Crack Baby
 The Queen Mother stood ready with a cattle prod...I really don't know where I'm going with this. --A Grouch
 Frog jumping contests were boring until they issued the owners 44 Magnums. --Yakko
 The live version of the 'Don't Break the Ice' game's rating soared after they put in the Great Whites. --Mr. ? (salvaging Crazy Climber)
 "This way of pickin' a human sacrifice is just too darned convoluted... les' just go back to handin' out envelopes with a black spot.." --BAR-1

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