IADL #409
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 "So, do you greet each and every day with longing for the sweet release that only death can bring?" --hey look its a fag cat!
 Gloria was shortly dismissed after the management found out that all her answers were "Like I give a fuck", complete with extended finger... --Leth
 Oh sure. But the answer is always 'No'. --Destroyer
 Another game of 'Got Your Nose' gets way too intense. --Mr. ?
 "Yes, do you realize that you could be flipping burgers at McDonalds and still retain more dignity than you are right now?" --Cranky Bear
 Carla never knew that she could get a lapdance at her bank until she finally got up the courage to ask. --Elbow
 "so, if Einstein's Theory of Relativity is correct, the gravity well around Rosie O'Donnell will only increase with time...I'm sorry, what was your question again?" --Semillama
 "Does art lead society or follow it?" The answer: a swift backhand --ChoppingBlock
 As part of New York's campaign to be more tourist friendly, they are allowing visitors to choose whether they wish to be robbed of their cash or of their credit cards. --jacquitequila
 A typical day at First National goes sour when the Fourteenth Street Data Entry Crushas issue a challenge to the C Street Geto Tellas. --Pete
 Marsha had asked her as the t-shirt directed. She would've never bothered had she known the bitch was a mime. --A Grouch
 The Fine Print: "As long as it can be answered with a middle finger and a sarcastic remark" --Bisti
 Prevented by company policy from backhanding stupid questioners, Cheryl resorted to answering stupid questions by acting out scenes from Shakespearean plays. --Yakko
 Nowadays there are experts on everything, even pimp-slapping -- mutantdog
 The next day she graduated to a "Proposition Me" windbreaker. --Bad Girl
 Sheila made a steady living for years indicating the location of ceiling leaks. Eventually, she was replaced by a yellow cone. --Bad Girl
 The 'T.A. Edison HS Career Fair' paid off for me! It just might do the same for you.... What was your question? --ak
 A scene from the less-than-popular new Broadway show "Bankers!: The Sheila Watson Story." Here we see Sheila, (Meryl Streep) confronting Josephine (Jada Pinkett), during the hot number "Ask ME!" --Hooper_X
 Trickery! Trickery! Two potentially good-looking women at Interop? Don't Think So! Trickery, I tell you, trickery! --Bucky
 "Hey! You over there! Ask ME! Don't ask them, they'll just mislead you! Ask me, over here, mememememe!!!" --Bucky
 Debbie and Shari really needed to do laundry. Shari's bottom-of-the-drawer t-shirt had caused countless awkward misunderstandings all day, while Debbie just sat there, trying desparately to camouflage the weird stain on her ass. --Annna
 Wanda used to show up on lunch breaks from the zoo and demonstrate to Shelly just how she fixed that giraffe's prolapsed uterus. --A Grouch

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