IADL #41
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 Darryl, soon someone's going to realize that we stole this giant cheese stick... --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 "I'm sorry, sir, but Barbara Streisand needs her nose back now." --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Photo footage of an undercover IADL sting operation. --ThreeSwords Delamitri
 Lemme guess...you're leaning up against that HUGE column is meant to be some sort of "subliminal advertising" eh? --kafka
 Thay fella, that escalator isn't the only thing you're gonna be going down on tonight... --Yolanda
 The mall's implementation of "drifter paper" attracted and captured shiftless bums quite effectively. --Don Spudleone
 Antonio paused for breath; this would be his first time working as a male prostitute. He forced himself to calm down, take a deep breath, and stroll up to the john, who leaned against the column. "Excuse me," said Antonio, "I understand you're my 4 o'clock...Mr. Dahmer, is it?" --anon
 Remember kids, just say "no" to Doug. --Greg J
 It's sexy poses like this one that make me wonder, sometimes, "just why am I not gay?" --Newt
 Randy unabashedly attempts to solicit help from passers-by to help him remove his foot from his rectum. --anon
 Unable to raise the money to pay for a theater, the Fresno Art Ensemble is forced to perform 'West Side Story' at the Galleria downtown. --Jojo the Spiv
 Father Rick, always the rebel, insisted on wearing green pants with his clerical shirt and collar. --anon
 Father Michael solicits potential penitents at his "Top o' the Escalator Confessional." --G. Sarducci
 Here we have a picture of the newest, deadliest development in the mall wars: A member of the Gap gang perpetrates an escalate-by shooting on a rival member of the J.Crews. --The Lawyer
 Dude, got any Magic cards you don't want? My power pack's runnin' low. --Don Spudleone
 Keanu Reeves starring this summer in: Speed 2 - The Escalator --The Sandman
 Pete patiently awaited his turn. It would be hours later when he realized that the escalator was not going to change directions. --Coyote
 Lance knew that hustling by the enormous phallic symbol was good advertising, but he always seemed to end up with customers who had unrealistic expectations. --Sauk Hawk
 It's high time these people at IADL got a better camera. I can't tell if this guy is trying to screw the pillar, or push it over and kill his friend with it. --Jo Anne
 Johnny Witherspoon tried being his part as Pegleg Pete in the local community theater's rendition of The Pirates of Penzance. --Don Spudleone

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