IADL #410
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Scan supplied by Michael S. Cooper

 Satan finally takes a stand on the Ford vs. Chevy debate. --Doctor X
 I refuse to caption on the grounds that this is actually cool! --ChAoS
 Jason could never remember not to park next to the big fucking angry thing. --anon
 Jason's yellow, triangular, "Baby on Board" sign was rarely taken seriously. --FluffyBunny2
 Pissed beyond belief when his favorite porn site returnes "Error 404", Baal arises from the depths to beat the shit out of a Volvo. --Crack Baby
 The creature's rampage was finally ended when the police tricked it into hitting a Ford Pinto. --Shem
 Desperate as his victims' horrific cries were, they couldn't break him from his distracted thoughts: "Man...all those ab crunches are finally starting to pay off! Golly!" --Rotter
 Yeah, this is the place giving away free front-end alignments. Hold still. --Rotter
 Driver's Ed was a bitch. --Lots42@aol.com
 When Satan rising out of a big stone outhouse, crushing a Geo with one hand and wielding a beer bottle with the other doesn't faze me in the least, that means it's time for a break from IADL --Bleech_
 A little-known ad slogan: "Not your Great Old One's Oldsmobile" --The Mystery Roach
 A beautiful snapshot of the monument to the Glorious Orcish Revolution Against RPG Players in Expensive Cars. Wish you were here! --Daniel M. Laenker
 What happens when there is no Mary on your dashboard. --ChoppingBlock
 Sigh. "Every day, the same thing. What's it all for? Is this how I'll leave my mark in life?" --Ashhole
 Why you really shouldn't park in a handicapped spot. --Faux Pas
 Nearly 15,000 Toyota Nyarlathoteps were recalled on Friday... --Faux Pas
 That is the single most fucked-up jack in the box I've *ever* seen. --Hooper_X
 Thee Olde Gods pay no fines. --Ape with Attitude
 The new penalty for driving while talking on your cell phone was well recieved by most Californians. --mooey
 All I can say is I hope to hell we're getting one of these in Boston to Darwinize the "Right Lane MUST Turn Right? FUCK YOU!!" gene-pool rejects. --DavidK
 Let this be a lesson to us all....those traffic cones in the shape of a pentagram are there for a reason... --Leth
 TSR Corporate Headquarters, business as usual. --Hooper_X
 Five bucks says that car has a Jesus fish on the bumper. --The Mystery Roach
 On the road of life, there are passengers, and there are GIANT CAR-SMASHING DEMON BADASSES!!! --Rabbi Busta Rhymes
 This is a Big Boy in an alternatae universe, right? --Valvoline
 Pon Farr can be a troubling time for Vulcans, yes...why do you ask? --Jenn Dolari
 "Saving throw? I'll show you saving throw!" --Stealth
 Cody Gifford: The Difficult Years. --Orrin Bloquy
 Here on ESPN4, SubDemonic Hell-Cricket, followed by nude bowling and even more diesel dykes playing pool. --Orrin Bloquy
 Foreign import BAD!!! --Mr. ?
 For some reason, the Chaos Demon wasn't detered by The Club(tm). --Mr. ?
 And I just had one more payment left! --Mr. ?
 Damnit, I *sprayed* for Toyotas. Honeybunch, get me the number for Orkin... --Orrin Bloquy
 Pro: In Hell, there are lots of parking spaces. Con: The Valets suck. --Mr. ?
 FORE! --anon
 Somehow, I don't think the insurance company will call this one an "act of God." --Hooper_X
 Clive Barker's Lord of Commuters. Supernatural detective Harry D'Amour battles demonic traffic cops in this lackluster sequel. Avert your eyes when Scott Bakula starts to cry. Two stars. --Pete
 This is what will happen to you if you don't close your italics tag. --Werehamster
 Another compact fails the "Being crushed by demon from Hell" federal safety test --Honest Jon
 ...and rodney king thought he got it bad.... --cip
 Mormon Missionaries ring the wrong house and get the surprise of their lives. --Crack Baby
 ...he should have had God as his co-pilot... --R.J.M.
 ...the black zone is for the loading and unloading of demons only...there is no parking in the black zone... --R.J.M.
 Mark McGwire finally discovers the downside of steroidal supplements. --A Grouch
 I could've sworn I saw this thing in the Fine Arts hallway at my university last month. --A Grouch
 Do NOT forget your Mentos! --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 Yep, Officer Lovecraft is on duty here. --The Mystery Roach
 Satan fuckin' HATES lowriders. --Hooper_X
 Another case for public transit. MARTA. It's smarta. --Hooper_X
 When the Judas Priest cassette got stuck in the tape deck, Lenny didn't worry. When it started playing backwards, Lenny thought it sounded cool. When Satan fucked his car up, Lenny pissed himself. --Hooper_X
 It must be Roger Corman; you can see the strings. --Ken
 I think you'd better give him the Grey Poupon... --Luna
 On the other side of the street, they have a statue of Moses parting a 1967 Cadillac eldorodo in half, and further down the road, there are l72 smaller daemon's trying to fit into a Peugot. --Gregor, Master of AQUALUNG
 ...and again I tell you, young man, playing D&D with your stoner friends is never going to get you anywhere. And stop that mumblin - - JESUS-H-CHRIST!!! --SlappyJack
 Now, which out of work Star Trek actor will Disney get to do his voice? --Doctor X
 The newly opened Demons Against Drunk Driving chapter took MADD's work a step further --Brad Popsiclestick
 Scary thing is ....someone got an NEA grant for THIS! --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon
 Satan unwittingly does a good deed as he beats the hell out of an old Yugo. --Mr. Ben McClellan
 Whoever said music sooths the savage beast had obviously never heard of White Zombie. --Mr. ?
 Spridle and Chim Chim really fucked things up for Speed this time! --Poitin
 After tenderizing the outer shell, pry the juicy center out, add lemon and enjoy. -From Hell's bestseller, 'Yan-Shuggoth can cook' --Mr. ?
 "Then there was the time I parked in Steven King's reserved space at Simon & Schuster...man, was that ever stupid..." - excerpt from Why I'm #2 by Clive Barker --Leth
 Revelations 4:2. "And there arose from the pit, a great demon. And power was given unto it, and it got drunk and fucked up cars." --Hooper_X
 "Those were the good old days. Back then, the boys and I would go on a rampage, Tokyo or somewhere, and Wyrmolla always got *so* fuckin' wasted. There he'd be, in the middle of town, waving a huge-ass bottle of beer and smasing cars. We tried to tell him he had a problem, but he wouldn't listen." -Godzilla, "My Life In Funny Rubber Suits" --Hooper_X
 Hey, kids! Satan says "Buy American!" --Hooper_X
 A screenshot from the never released "Transformers" episode, "Autobots Vs. The Elder Gods." --Hooper_X
 Lenny *hated* living in New York. Sure, the property rates were low, but, for some reason, insurance was sky high.... --Hooper_X
 "Come on down to Craaaazy Satan's Used Cars! We've got one HELL of a deal for ya!" --Hooper_X
 I wasn't particularly crazy about that paint job, either. --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 The truth behind the Kennedy assasination comes out. --Mr. ?
 Now THAT's what *I* call "repossessing." --Hooper_X
 December 25, 1999: The Macy's Christmas Parade goes horribly awry as the 'Crusade For Cthulu" float comes to life, and smashes the car carrying Parade Grand Marshal Leonardo DiCaprio. --Hooper_X (We can only dream.)
 Those wacky Japanese. This is an ad for the Family Channel. --Hooper_X (We can only dream.)
 This is the fiendish offspring of Gothzilla and that dude from IADL #171. --Hooper_X
 What happens when the E-Mail Daemon becomes disgruntled. --Mr. ?
 You didn't like that one, Mr. Beelzebub? Something with more headroom, perhaps? --Mr. ?
 This is unsuitable! I demand to be appeased with a sacrificail black Ram of two years of age! Preferably with the Dodge 8 cylinder engine option and alloy wheels! --Mr. ?
 The Old Ones hate to be disturbed when they're on the thunderbucket... --Doc Evil
 Saturn finally gets revenge on that idiot driver who keeps stealing their jelly donuts every time he runs over a twig. --agm
 After 6 months on strike, the UAW gets a little touchy about people driving Fords. --Poitin
 One day Chrysler started letting foreign cars park in their lot. But there was a catch... --Bad Girl
 Christian fantasy #421 involves a teacher who taught evolution... --Bad Girl
 "Now, let me ask you once more, 'Would you like fries with that?'" - the drive-thru window at the Stygian McDonalds --tralfaz
 "Wand of Asmodeus? No, it's a +6 Bottle of Whooping, and I've got me an ass!" --Stealth
 Those silly relics! You try disintegration, pulverization, beating against a humble Hyundai, and they still don't break! --Stealth
 And Shelrab the Disgruntled Demon swung the club again, wondering if he should stop calling it "one to grow on". Nothing ever seemed to grow from it. --phil

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