IADL #413
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Scan supplied by Orrin Bloquy

 When the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms wants to push legislation through Congress, they break out this picture. --Casey Jones
 The number of discipline problems declined sharply once the camp began to employ former postal workers. --Hobgobble
 Before his career as a crime-fighting dynamo, Magnum P.I. worked to develop innovative new gopher hunting techniques. --hate
 RedShirt or not, I'm not gonna be the laser-fodder in the next away-team. --kyosuke
 When will people get it through their thick skulls that this stuff just DOES NOT impress Jodie Foster!? --AQUALUNG's Secret Asian Lovespawn
 Gun, schmun! This guy should be working on his lawn maintenance! --Skywise
 One down, three to go. Mr Falwell will be really happy, 'specially when I bag that purple one. --Leth
 "I don't know what the hell it is, but once I glue on some antlers and mount it over my fireplace, woooooooeeeeee!!!!!" --King Catherine the Transvestite
 Groundhog day works a little differently in Lubbock, Tx... --FluffyBunny2
 Yeah, I don't blame him, those stupid M & M guys make me want to get a gun too. -- some other dog
 Hunter S. Thompson dreams of having a headful of luxurious, curly hair. --Talisker
 umm... I think I'll pass on this one. I don't like to make fun of pyschotics with guns. --the skyclad answer
 Hi, I'm Chris Cornell, late of Soundgarden, for the NEA....... --Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon (hehe.. I COULDN'T Resist. Sorry Chris)
 Chuy demonstrates his knowledge that both eye and hearing protection is a must in safe firearms handling AND erotic enema bag torture --Harry Feltersnatch
 The last Mac user on Earth contimplates the honorable 'thing.' --Hodge
 Under proposed gun-control laws, handguns can only be sold for law enforcement, household defense, or to compensate for looking like Peter Brady with a lame-ass goatee. --Rotter
 Sure, Vice Pope Doug "just quit"... --Cranky Bear
 Ever since Weird Al Yankovic spent that weekend with Ted Nugent, he'd never been quite the same. --Bisti
 Soon after, I discovered not everything 'tastes like chicken.' --Orrin Bloquy
 Here's Wally showing us proper safety with firearms. He has eye and ear protection, the gun is pointed safely away from the camera and he has his Mr. Potato Head. --Santa Claustrophobia
 "OK, who *else* thinks all male cheerleaders are fags?" --
 Things sure got tough for that wascally wabbit after Sheriff Loco came to town. --Hodge
 How nature says: Stay Away --Mr. ? (with apologies to Gary Larson)
 OJ has finally narrowed down the suspects between this guy and this pokemon. --Mr. ?
 "You'll get my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hand. Or you might could get it when I'm going down on my sister." --Kirok
 Tonight, on a special "That 70's Show..." --Hooper_X
 "Ah'm reddy fer that thar Y-too-kay thang. Are yew?" Brought to you by the Militias of America. --Hooper_X
 So it was a gun in his pocket, and he's not happy to see me. --Stealth
 When Don Corleone, hopped up on paint fumes, ordered a hit on all "smurf-like stuffed animals", most of his mob lieutenants sub-contracted out to Sliders fan clubs. --Crack Baby
 Now that Ken had beaten his shadow in paintball, he'd never be afraid of it again. -- Crazy Climber
 Sean Penn unveils his new paparazzi policy. --Stickman
 The younger and lamer brother of Mercy and Death, the Angel of Retro was found dead in a field earlier this morning, clutching his laval lamp and afro wig. --the Engine
 Cheap Panama Jack shades: $10. Glock 9mm: $99. Fine for hunting Pokemon out of season: $1,000 a head. Feeling of knowing that you wasted one of the little fucks: Priceless. --Hooper_X
 The scary thing is that his headphones are playing John Tesh. --Mr. ?
 Hmm, I wonder what the chances are that he went to MIT? --Mr. ?
 Guns don't kill people. People don't kill people. Pokemons whispering to people with guns kill people! --Mr. ?
 Jim Fogarty: Capture the Flag champion for the third year in a row. --Les Miserables
 Why Guns & Ammo did away with centerfolds back in the Seventies...... --poitin
 Just another damn white boy trying to be a pimp. --Hooper_X
 Wow, they'll let you pose with ANYTHING in yearbook pictures now... --Hooper_X
 Sometimes Dave laughed himself silly. His initials were D.E.A. --Bad Girl
 "Paul Gibbel and his son, Bubby" Promotional photo from the show "When Siblings Spawn: The World's Funniest Inbreeding Accidents" --Uncle Dave
 Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such gun safety films such as "The Barrel Is Not a Straw" and "The ATF Blow Goats." --Don Spudleone
 Travis always had to hunt for the really good european conditioners but the extra effort was worth it. --A Grouch

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