IADL #414
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 Mervin's Blotter-acid Wallpaper proved quite popular. --Stealth
 Bob beamed with pride. His placenta collection was the talk of the science fair. -- mutantdog
 The lucky first 500 attendees of ElvisCon '99 sport their trophy footwear while browsing through slides from the King's liver. --Talisker
 Okay, that's it. I was fine with the pajamas and the kid's backpacks, but this is too much. Barney must die. --Cranky Bear
 Mood shoes were a short-lived fad as most people discovered after two weeks, the shoes would just turn and stay Stinky Blue. --Crack Baby
 Everyone took the "hold onto yer butts" suggestion literally. Sharon embarasses herself when she can't even remember which side of her body has the butt. --A Grouch
 The Wailing Wall, East Village idea just never took off. --Santa Claustrophobia
 Ok, Claire. I came to your med school open house, I'm wearing the silly shoes, but I am NOT going to look at candid shots of Timmy's Flat Rotting Colon! --Leth (Sorry Tim...hehehe)
 Visitors to the Apple manufacturing tour weren't so crazy about the iShoes they had to wear. --Orrin Bloquy
 Slowly but surely, the mutant virus invaded their DNA. By the end of the day the Henson Strain would leave a roomful of CDC technicians looking and behaving exactly like Grover. --Orrin Bloquy
 "...all of Mr. Reynold's gold chest medals, dating back to the Roman number he wore for the premiere of 'Deliverance.' Now, if we've all donned our booties, the next stop on the Burt Reynolds Museum Tour is the famous 'Bandit Room,' which is carpeted with over 1200 of Mr. Reynolds' personal hairpieces! Annnnd we're walking, we're walking..." --Rotter
 Opening day at IHOP's "Pancakes That Look Like Celebities" exhibit. --Azazael
 During a visit to Ross' museum, Monica dumps Chandler for Virus Sample #3488-C, and Joey propositions a Stegosaurus skeleton, tonight on 'Friends.' --agm
 Cat shit, dog shit, frog shit, chimpanzee shit...Hey! There's no African Lemur shit here! This exhibit is a gyp! --agm
 It took the whole family to finish it, but Gargamel was FINALLY rid of those damn Smurfs --Bleech_
 Air Boo-Berry... --Doc Evil
 Just Blue It. --Valvoline
 Jerry sighed and shook his head...even in the "Dorky Shoes Required" room, his roommate Tommy was on his way to getting laid yet again... --Uncle Dave
 "You could hear the unearthly chant as it droned around the room...'C is for cookie and that's good enough for me'..." - Diary of a Muppet Cult Escapee --A Grouch
 These Heaven's Gate members learned that you could just as easily reach the spaceship by goosing yourself. --BAR-1
 famous last words #7 : What does THIS button do? --Mr. ?
 "FIVE! Five Fraternity Pledges! HA HA HA HA!" (Lightning...) --Bad Girl
 When foot fetishists are left unpleased, they get the dreaded Blue Feet. --Hooper_X
 Having no pride and as much money, Wayne proudly opened his "CDs I Jacked Off To" exhibit. This week's beer money was one attendee away. --crispy
 It's not use. We can't distract people from Larry's "test pattern" shirt forever! --Bad Girl
 Moments later, Elvis rose from his grave, lurched into the room full of his gold-record collection, and beat the motherloving hell out of the lot of them. --kitsunesan

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