IADL #417
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 Here we see the first, and last, three passengers of Milwaukee's new subway system. Most people just walked the six blocks. --crispy
 Damn it! We get to a real loading-and-unloading zone, and I have no idea what to write. --Daniel M. Laenker
 Nothing gives you a fresh start like being irradiated by the New York Transit Authority. --Crack Baby
 Greg could only chuckle. Here he was, gun in his right hand, dismembered body in a hefty bag in his left. And security *still* let him through at LA-X. --BAR-1
 THX 1136... THX 1137... --Brad Popsiclestick
 Bill was spared when the Grim Reaper searched his robes only to realise he had forgoten his subway tokens. --Mr. ?
 With a blood covered guitar case and a squeezebox accordian...truly these are the subway buskers from hell. --A Grouch
 The new ride at Six Flags over Tripping, New York: MugMan, the ride --aK h
 Oddly enough, airport security stopped the man in black, but not the Dalek in the next aisle... --Hooper_X
 Damn it. This gate leads to the red zone.... --Bad Girl
 "Hey, aren't you the cute hovering red robot from The Black Hole?" "Look, you wanna buy a paper or not?" --Bad Girl
 Adam was getting worried. The first time the hot pink midget gave him a wedgie could have been random, the second time, coincidence, but this was the twelfth time and he knew for a fact the medication wasn't working. --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 "Yeah, they treat me like cattle here at work," Brian thought, "but chicks really dig the giant brand on my ass..." --Saurentine
 Steve was actually disappointed when the metal detector didn't go off. What's the point of having a cock ring if the metal detector doesn't go off? --Bad Girl
 Rita's fasciation with the turnstile troubled Charles...it satisfied her in ways that he never could, and he felt her slipping away to that steely lover. --Uncle Dave
 Just when you thought subway ticket machines couldn't get any more butt-ugly... --RipperJak
 AAAAAAAND they're off to dead-end jobs which barely pay the cost of living, then returning to their homes for evenings of quiet desperation and must-see TV! And Asian Drum Major's in the lead... --Pete
 "To the Bat-El!!" --BAR-1
 When in New York, always avoid riding the P Train! --Mr. ?
 Cutbacks on the new Dr. Who series eliminated the Tardis and started each show with the ninth doctor just coming off the Manhatten Express. --Crack Baby
 For Rick, the technological marvel of the explosives detectors at the embassy were cold and impersonal. He would always miss the daily joy of having his crotch sniffed by a large dog with a wet nose. --Saurentine
 Anne Lennox, forgetting her subway tolken, was forced to break up the Eurithmics. -VH1, forgetting to pay the fact researchers. --Mr. ?
 There's a new Girl in town and she's FEELIN' GOOD! she was just passing through but if things work out she's gonna stay..UH-WHILE do do do do da-uh. --ChoppingBlock
 After some Drew Carey genes contaminated the flesh vats, the T100 factory had to be shut down for a thorough scrubbing. --Destroyer

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