IADL #419
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 Bertha takes a Candyland slide to get a taco. --Mr. ?
 Often hailed as an economic miracle by the West, the tumult of the "Gordita Revolution" left many Ukrainians with even less warm flatbread and pepperjack sauce than before. Long lines and lack of free-refills were even more common. --koffee_monkee
 To Helga, the candy canes could only mean one thing: only 3 more months until the Shamrock Shakes are available! --Robbbbb
 Bernice struggled in vain.. this time, the giant no-pest strip had her but good. --BAR-1
 The Marine 1rst Bag-Lady Honor Guard, marching in front of the Silhouette of the Unknown Soldier. --BAR-1
 "Approach ye mighty, and despair at the sight of yon hovering peppermint hooks!!" --BAR-1
 Like the false-eye caterpillar, Rhoda demonstrates camouflage making her "front" impossible to tell. --Orrin Bloquy
 Kay-Anne found the Minneapolis winters much more tolerant since she sewed live hamsters into the lining of her greatcoat. Plus, the mischievous little scamps gave her that *good* tickly feeling. --Orrin Bloquy
 This early frame from Eadweard Muybridge's classic set of stills, The Rapture, shows Norene Hostetter's ascent Heavenward, failing to take into account the ten stories of windowboxes and air conditioners. What a mess. --Orrin Bloquy
 Unfortunately, the black cardboard cutouts taped to the windows don't always work. --Orrin Bloquy
 Shelly was taking no chances. It might be a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, or it might not. --See it's from HGTTG, it's an animal so stupid it assumes if you can't see it, it can't see you.... aw fuck it, if you've read the book, you'll get it.
 The Angel of Death totes his bag of salmonella --Bleech_
 Gerry's most important job was to run and lock the door anytime Gertrude approached his Taco Bell. --Crack Baby
 In this ORIGINAL poster design for Star Wars 1, Jabba the Hutt's mother casts the shadow of Lando Calrissian's father, Pimpo. --Hooper_X
 "Yo quiero borscht!" --Hooper_X
 Mmm... Tacos. Candy canes. Old hags. I love to put all of them in my mouth. --(How quickly laughter turns to anger...)
 Bag ladies hovering in front of restaurants became a thing of the past after the city installed Moving Sidewalks. --Wabewalker
 The costume was working perfectly, and the Little Rascals were well on their way to the adult movie theatre. --Azazael
 Having dressed in enough mink to provide suitable camouflage for the Depends, Zloduska finally felt ready to take on a Gordita Supreme. --RM
 "January 16: Dead dog in alley, tire track across burst stomach, damn I need a burrito..." :Excerpt from Rorschach's Mom's Diary --Casey Jones
 "This taco is having both the hard and the soft shells? Oh, if I hadn't already wasted my paycheck on worthless milk and bread!" Another befuddled Russian consumer dreams outside the Moscow Taco Bell... --Tillman (Yes, she's talking to herself in broken English. Deal with it.)
 Proof that not everyone looks cool in black. --Bad Girl
 "Whoa, Erma, come look at that. So this is how Gordita sauce is made. That little dog must be sore." ---Mr. Yummy Pants
 No, you've got it all wrong. It's a predator disguised as a human so it can mingle with it's prey. We have to kill it with poisonous -- oh, never mind, it's going to Taco Bell. Whew. --phil
 After the glorious Taco Revolution, the once high-and-mighty Dairy Queen and her regime were toppled from the White Castle like Dominos and forced to walk the sidewalks of the Boston Market. --tralfaz
 Strangest shooting gallery I've ever been in. --Mr. ?
 Man. They're really givin' it to that chihuahua..... --Bad Girl
 Dr. Who's latest reincarnation goes awry. --Yakko
 Edna is brought to you today by the letter W. --Bad Girl
 In Russia, people wait in line to look at the food. --Bad Girl
 The Greeks belived that the dead roamed a gloomy afterworld, as ghostly and undefined shades. Oh, and they liked Taco Bell. --happy me (a ISDL virgin)
 Taco Bell is PEOPLE!!! And what's worse, it's people like THAT!!! --Mr. ?
 Transporter accidents always ruin my appetite. --Mr. ?
 This week only at Taco Heaven....with the purchase of any Happy Burrito Meal....a free Christmas Bag-Lady Taco-Tubbie®! Collect them all! -- mutantdog, There....I salvaged one....God I feel so...so.... Dirty

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