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 If technology had progressed differently: Bob uses his IBM 340 to post to rec.arts.tv.i-love-lucy, March 5, 1951. --Trainman
 Judging from the looks of this guy, I'll bet that you can make a meal for 5 AND get enough hair for the NBA by turning over his keyboard and shaking. --Pastor of Muppets
 P .. A .. S .. S .. HEY! Quit looking over my shoulder while I'm logging in! --Pastor of Muppets
 Who Me???....nothin. --Waldo
 "Dude, get off the commodore, it's time for the Knight Rider and I just made some Tang!" -scene from the lesser known "That 80's Show" on CBS --AQUALUNG's Network Executive
 Anyone else think recasting "Phantom of the Opera" to the 90s was a bad idea ? --Bleech_
 Chuck felt the hairs raise on the back of his neck. Even before he turned around, he knew: The fridge was back." --Mitch
 With two microfische machines and running VMS/VAX on a Commadore, Keith decided that if he was going to be a dork, he was going to do it retro. --Mr. Yummy Pants
 "We have released subject #24601 back into the wild. He seems to take no notice of the radio collar." -From Xnertblatz the High's report on the natives of Sol-3. --anon
 Huh? Uh... yeah... my mom gave me her old TI-44a to do homework on, man... It won't play Quake tho. What a ripoff. --Hooper_X
 Dude, it's bad enough to get caught at work touching yourself while perusing internet porn, but when it's in ASCII; buddy you need help. --this PSA was brought to you by, Mr. Yummy Pants.
 I'd laugh at this guy and say his idea of a good date begins with 'www' and ends with 'dot com,' but I myself haven't been on a date since September 1997. Damn, I'm depressed now. --agm
 Hmm...The letterboxed edition of Wargames isn't as cool as I thought it'd be. --Doctor X
 In the days before Alt-Tab switching we had... well, getting caught. --Stickboy
 Thirty hours into Adventure and Don figures out that you have to let the bird out of the cage. Notes on a Wasted Sophomore Year --Ape with Attitude
 Davyd had never met a woman so warm, so caring, so sexy as this one online. He didn't know what "IADL364" meant as a nickname, but he was in love. --Orrin "This time?" Bloquy
 Wow. Tough break Ferris...Sloan gets knocked up by Rooney and your sis runs off with Charlie Sheen. Who's laughing now, Mr. "in two weeks you'd have a diamond"? MWA HA HA! --Samwise
 Bruce Campbell's college years, before the Evil Dead trilogy made him a household.. er, popular... er, cultish um.. you don't know who the hell I'm talking about, do you? --BAR-1
 And as the AppleII user touched the Obelisk, his computer was upgraded into an iMac. --BAR-1
 Hey, did you see that? Don't you dare steal my caption. It was my idea that snicker the Keanes use a big pile of shit to guffaw keep the tent in place hee hee hee. --Ken
 "01001010101001010 10 101010101 1010101010 101010010 1010101010 10101010101010101!!??!!" BAH Ha ha ha hah ha! ---slappyjack
 I don't want a colored iMac. Hell, I don't even want a colored shirt! --Bad Girl
 This picture is a screen capture from "That 70's Office," a horrible fuzion created by splicing "Ally McBeal" and "That 70's Show." Fear. --Hooper_X
 In yet ANOTHER hollywood attempt to catch the trendy "Inter-Net" crowd, Bruce Campbell stars in "Computer Doodz," the action packed tale of a lonely hacker who stumbles upon a secret that may get him killed. --Hooper_X
 "Remember me, Mr. Jenkins? We ran into each other on #elfquest-MUD. If you're going to assassinate a wolfrider, Mr. Jenkins, you better be ready to finish the job." --Pete, salvaging Riff (with props to Gary Larson)
 It is very dark. You are likely to be eaten by...this guy. --Doctor "Hello Sailor" X
 Eventually, the last non-Windows user on Earth was tracked down and shot -- mutantdog
 There was bones and code littering the ground, as the adventurers approached the lair. This was definatly the home of the dreaded pencil-necked giant. --Mr. ?
 "Installation Failed: The hardware scan has detected a processor which is usually found only in toasters and Furbys." -- mutantdog
 Something tells me the Brass Lantern is the only thing this guy's ever turned on. --Doctor "Stop me before I Zork again!" X
 As Graham did the bidding of the two white cubes, he glanced back at me, perhaps as a plea for help or pity. I turned away. The two cubes already promised me a lifetime of acne-free skin and a signed Lucy Lawless poster. " - Diary of a Alien Geek- --A Grouch
 This guy a hacker? Come on, he doesn't have a single toy, stuffed animal, poster, pop can, sf novel, or tech ref manual. He's either an English major, or that's a toaster. --Horselover Fat
 Inside the nearly undetectable geek blind, painstakingly made of 100% naturally harvested cubicle wall, Lord Mountbatten silently cursed. How was he expected to document the lifecycle of the majestic Unix geek if those hamfisted PBS goons kept barging in to shoot "Making Of" footage? --Annna
 "Augh! Flash bulb BAD! Grrrrrr." --RipperJak
 Line 10: Print "This Sucks" Line 20: Goto 10 --Mr. ?
 Don't come in, mom! I'm brushing my teeth! --Diggit

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