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 number 12.....calling number 12......12.....last chance, going once, twice......ok then.....13.....calling number 13...... --cip
 Moo...moo...moo...MOOOO moo...MOO...moo... --Les Miserables
 In retrospect, Ex-Lax day at Dodger Stadium wasn't such a good idea. --Les Miserables
 B.J. Armstrong day was the only sold-out Orlando Magic game of the year, when the newspaper ad accidentally left out the word Armstrong. --Les Miserables
 Funny, I didn't see any people come out from the tour of Soylent Inc. --Mr. ?
 The first and last annual meet of the lemming lovers association. --Mr. ?
 All I sell is cheeseburgers...but I sell a lot of cheeseburgers. --Rotgut
 In the 99 degree heat, Earl had never been happier that he had had three servings of beans the night before. --Yogurt and Pot-boilers
 According to a recent survey, 98% of these people now wish they had stuck with DOS. --Heath
 Disney's new "Dystopian Industrial Nightmare Land" --happy me
 This had better be good bread, comrade. --Werehamster
 Let's see. The buildings say "Europe", the fence says "amusement park", but there are simply too many people for it to be EuroDisney. --RoBear
 Eerily enough, three of these guys are dead. --Lots42
 Beijing Stadium, Beijing, China. June 14th, 1997 10:37 AM Wang Family Reunion Gate 14C --Saurentine
 Massive lines of shuffling demoralized serfs, weird looming architecture... it's either another '1984' remake, or Disney World. --Geoduck
 I was gonna tell a Jonestown joke, but the punch line was too long. -- mutantdog
 My God....the Monkees reunion concert....look at the turnout....maybe we should just blow up the world and start over -- goddamn madam i'm a damn mad dog
 As part of the Justice Department settlement with Microsoft, any registered Windows 95 user was given one chance to pimp-slap Bill Gates in public -- mutantdog
 "And your Furby told you to come here too? Hmmm....Weird..." -- mutantdog in a fog
 In Japan, police are taught to peacefully disperse crowds like this by simply saying "Say, Who wants to Macarena?" --BAR-1
 You should see the line for the women's restroom. --Samwise
 "...heh heh... you said 'phalanx'... heh heh..." --crispy
 "Ow! Okay, what moron brought the working lightsaber?!?" --Riff
 Tehran, 1979. --Hooper_X
 Meanwhile, on Coruscant, millions of Corellians line up to see the latest Pauley Shore movie. --Riff
 "YANNI! YANNI! YANNI! YANNI!" Rioting ensues. --Hooper_X
 Every SINGLE person in this line is waiting to get their hands on the new Playboy with Tammy Faye Bakker. Sick, huh? --Hooper_X
 These are the auditions for the new "Backstreet Boy." Contestants are judged in femininity, sensitivity, overall wussiness, and marketing skills. Oh, and making cheezy five part harmony pop lite. --Hooper_X
 Trying to capitalize on its popularity in the west, the Chinese "Where's Waldo" books drove millions of young children insane. --Brad Popsiclestick
 You are all unique. You are all unique. You are... --Mr. ?
 Can you pick the Messiah out from the crowd of heathens? If so, you too may have a future in the ministry....mail this coupon and five dollars to: Bob's Bible College today! -- mutantdog
 Okay, that does it, give me an Uzi. This line dancing shit has gotten way out of hand. -- mutantdog
 Dubliners gather for the annual St. Patrick's Day tradition of topping last year's Guiness Book record for World's Biggest Group Dry-Hump -- mutant o'dog
 At Wal-Mart Bejing, if we see a checkout line with more than 2500 customers, we'll open another register! --Anonymous Prime
 "So you see, Shou-jen, it is by dropping my contact that I can repeatedly and with impunity grope the ass of Soon-li." --Bore
 "And this is the Frottage grotto, always available for your hot, rubbing needs. Yes, we can honestly say that we "Cater to Kink" here at Camp Carnal." --Uncle Dave
 Here we see the "magic bullet" taking a detour through Taipei. Proof positive that the Kennedy assassination was a one-man job. --Bore
 Heh heh heh... Hey, Chen! Shoe's untied! --Horselover Fat
 Lunch hour on the Death Star was hell. --Horselover Fat
 2BR park VU lg kit upper W side avail sun 8am 600/mo - Manhattan aparment hunting --Brad Popsiclestick
 Move over Marlon Brando, there is now a NEW World Record for Most Chins. --JoeBurgher
 The first Million Moe March was a great success. --Rotter
 Christ! How many people does it take to carry this ladder? --Bad Girl
 --- again, to the owner of a white Toyota, your lights are on --- --Theodoric of York
 China's favorite sit-com: A Google's Company. --Bad Girl
 Irony: The fact that there's a giant cockroach with an aerosol spray can behind the building. --Mr. ?
 Quota's been reached on poor huddled masses. Send the rest back. --Mr. ?
 Committe for the promotion of birth control here to see you, your holiness. --Mr. ?
 Behold the power of rice. --Mr. ?
 "OK, time to prove that old cliche! People in the front, start marching into the ocean!" Vegas had put 50-to1 odds that the line would ever reach the end... --Leth
 The line for the grand opening of the movie I Haven't Forgotten What You Did Two Summers Ago: Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Buck Naked went on for miles and miles. --Les Miserables
 KC's "Soylent filter" saved countless hours of manual deletions. --Rotgut
 In the future, it will be so damn crowded that all the IADL pics will look like this. --Horselover Fat
 I can't decide whether this is a picture of Disneyland, or Kosovo...either way the song It's a Small World would be appropriate. --Les Miserables

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