IADL #424
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 Loaded down with Polygrip and Metamucil, Ralph and Edith prepare to hijack a cab to Ft. Lauderdale. --Kirok
 Bob's favorite game was 'pull my elbow'. Bob was a real yutz. --Riff
 "Tickle Me Nigel" sold nowhere nearly as well as Elmo. --Hooper_X
 Todd and Reba were the classic 'distant relatives.' They'd even take home leftovers from the wake. --ahk
 Members of the 18th Street Geezers are always ready for a Drive-by from the Old Farts --HonestJon
 If he pulls out a bar of soap and starts cutting it with a knife, I WILL blow my own head off --Bleech_
 Seconds before another deadly breadjacking in downtown Urkutsk. --DavidK
 Ma'am, you no longer qualify for both "young" AND "needing the money." --DogBomb
 Tonight, on Felicity 2050: Felicity organizes a senior citizen's protest. Noel discovers Ex-Lax. --Luna
 In Scotland, you can tell they're hookers by the lack of short skirts. --The Sandman
 Who is Kaiser Soze? Not that guy! Though I wouldn't mind gettin a little somethin somethin from helga there if ya know what I mean. --kevin spacey
 You know the Rocky Horror phenomenon has hit rock bottom when these are your Brad and Janet. --Jenn Dolari
 Enid and Yeosh would usually be found wandering around the high school. Its oppressive look and the depressed, uneducated children reminded them of the Motherland. --Beetletech
 "Dammit, Sophie, stop staring at my johnson! I am not just a piece of meat!" --Talisker
 Svoboda looked on in awe as Vlad silently snatched a poodle off the sidewalk and began to eat it the no-mouth way! --aK h
 Welcome to Hell. Your tourguides will be crazy Bible lady and Bill, the aggresive pediophile. --happy me
 This is Fred and Lillian. Welcome to the vast right wing conspiracy. --happy me
 Now it's time to Spot the Scotsman! --RipperJak
 Do me like you've never done a woman before! --GoGO
 Nigel KNEW he was the shit. He was gonna get some ass tonight, and that fine lady in the black Kangol was gonna serve it up. Heelll yeah. --Hooper_X
 "Everyday on my way to work, I'd roll down the window and spit on old Beatniks. Then I'd crank up the Depeche Mode and ride, ride away..." --A Grouch
 "Goddammit, Joseph, JUST ONCE I'd like to go to the grocery store without worrying that you'll scream 'KILIMANJARO!' in the feminine hygiene aisle." --RM
 It was shortly after Gus Van Sant's remake of "The Eternal Jew" that I lost faith in humanity.... --happy me
 And when the Finkelsons were feeling really frisky, they would go out wearing each other's teeth. --Gladstone
 While Irina utters a silent prayer that his shopping bag isn't full of Viagra, Yakov just grins knowingly. --Poitin
 Take Stan here. He's still able to look butch while carrying Pampers, Kotex, and Monostat7. --Beetletech
 He's got that unmistakable "Visualizing Bonnie Franklin And MacKenzie Philips Gettin' It On" expression. --Rotter
 Where will you be when your Depends undergarment earns its money? --Les Miserables
 Siberian Gothic --Namgubed the Merry Elf
 And they called it comrad love. --Mr. ?
 "Get bent! I wouldn't get in your car for two hundr -- Oh. I think he's talking to you." --Bad Girl
 Juyst Say Nyet --Brad Popsiclestick
 Unfortunately, the Finkelsons spoke such thick 'burbonics that nobody could understand them when they went into the city. --Gladstone
 You know Vladmir, we're never going to get this Windows refund... --Bisti

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